BEWARE: There is an awful lot of rambling in this post. You have been warned!

While I love reading and have plenty of other books which end with cliffhangers, it has never been quite as bad as this.

I have officially become obsessed with the Lux series. And that is all because of the way it ended. That cliffhanger should become a benchmark for future reference. Of course the Covenant series is not far behind, but its not quite that bad, in part because we had Elixir. But then of late Apollyon teasers have been surfacing all over the net and since I made the mistake of reading them, my obsession has sky-rocketed.

And, for the love of god, why is there still so much mention of Seth!! In the teasers I mean. The entire first chapter is online, you can find it here :http://cynthiahand.blogspot.in/p/chapter-1-my-blood-itched-for-fight.html

Once you read it, you will understand my anxiety. Rationally I know that Alex will eventually break the connection with the ‘first’ or at least regain her-own self, but the wait it killing me and that teaser did not help in the slightest. The only saving grace here are all the teasers floating around where Alex is very much in her senses. The thing that hurts the most is the wait till April!

Now, onto Origin which is book 4 in the Lux series, here the matter is far more dire. For starters we have no teasers and this time there was no Daemon POV either. I mean, seriously!!!! Talk about the JLA’s sadistic tendencies! And what was that cliffhanger! But to be fair, she did give us warnings and if you read carefully, you can spot them, and I did but they don’t prepare you for the end in the slightest. Thankfully, sites like goodreads offer an outlet to desperate souls like me who need to vent. And there is something comforting about not being alone in my suffering. There is an uber-short teaser for Origin (which is so short that it only adds to the suffering) but if you want to read it, here is it:

“All the pent up, helpless rage formed a wrecking ball inside of me. Maintaining human form was near impossible. I wanted to hit something—destroy something. I needed to.
“Daemon, no one—”
“Shut up,” I said, turning to where Matthew sat in the corner of the room. Right this moment I wanted to destroy him. “Just shut the hell up.”

So, now you know what I mean.. And here the wait is so much longer, it releases in July. JULY!!!! Why is it so far away. She’s already done writing the book, so release it sooner and put us out of our misery. But NOOOOOO, we have to wait till July! I have been stalking the author’s twitter and Facebook pages in the hopes of finding some new information and so far no luck.. But she did say that she’ll give us the last chapter of Opal in Daemon’s POV and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for that.

And I am super excited about the dual POV in the next 2 books, so that should be a treat.

So here, I must end my rant. As it is I think its gone on long enough. So until later! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Obsession

    1. Its coming out in August actually 😦 And i can’t understand why JLA can’t give us much-needed Daemon POVs from Opal!! Oh and i just finished Apollyon and if you like the Covenant Series, this is a must read!! And if haven’t read the series yet, you should start.. Seriously awesome!! 😀

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