Lack of Reading Time

Well the only downside to doing back-to-back projects is that they leave me with no time to read. But I did manage to squeeze in Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. It wasn’t bad but the first half of the book was way better than the latter. The Climax, I thought also could have been a lot better. It felt a little flat and underwhelming.

Haven’t read anything else apart from that, I may start the sequel to Poison Study in a day or two and hopefully that will be better. Not that Poison was a bad book, it wasn’t, I guess I just had fairly high expectations and it fell just short of delivering. Aside from that, I have a number of books on my To-Read list but since I am low on time, I don’t want to read something I am very invested in. On a more positive note, all the work has distracted me from my Origin and Apollyon obsession.. Ok, not quite, but at least now I only think about them maybe 3 or 4 times a day (and then I haunt JLA’s fb page since she has been woefully absent from her blogsite) as opposed to refreshing the page every few hours and expecting teasers and news.

I also managed to watch Zero Dark Thirty and I thought it was an extremely well directed film. The Golden Globe snub was unfortunate and I hope it fares better in the Academy Awards. Argo is not a bad film but Thirty is way better. Comparing the two, Argo seems like a typical Hollywood fare, down to the nail-biting end sequence.

That’s all for now, I shall be back with more unimportant tidbits from my work days. On another note, I am now seriously contemplating taking fine arts lessons (basically sketching) but my work hours are so erratic that it makes such extra-curricular activities very hard to take up. Lets see, I’ll have to work something out.

Later 🙂


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