Taken at Dusk, Whisper at Moonrise & Chosen at Nightfall by C.C. Hunter Review

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Wow!! This turned out to be such a pointless and boring series that I’m still stunned! The first two books were decent, of course its possible I think that because of how long ago I read them. I waited for the last book to release before I started reading the third and it so wasn’t worth the wait.

 The synopsis:

Okay, so the main point of this series is the love triangle. It’s not funny how much time is devoted to a love triangle nobody cares about, or should care about. Derek chickened out and left Kylie and then of course changed his mind. Lucas on the other hand screwed up on an equally epic level and of course he expected to be forgiven because clearly he could do no wrong. The whole Mario subplot was just that: a subplot. And that becomes apparent by the way the series ends. Of course there was also Kylie’s “I need to find myself” arc and that was just as pointless. This was made obvious by the amount of time she spent with her grandfather finding herself! She stayed with him for barely a few weeks and then decided to bail from there as well. Though to be fair, perhaps Hunter finally remembered that Mario was the villain and she needed to wrap that up. There is a word in Hindi that sums this up perfectly: bakwas ( it means nonsense but its just more satisfying to say in Hindi.. Something about the word..) This series should have ended at book 3. There wasn’t really anything to resolve and anyone with even half a brain knew who Kylie would end up with so there was no need to bother with not one but two additional books!!!!

 The Characters:

First up we have Kylie and what a character she is!! Seriously! I’m sure I’ll have a very hard time coming across a character as dumb as she was. I mean, come on!! She took ages to figure out even the most basic stuff!! Case in point: it took her 5 books to figure out that she was in love with Lucas! Wow, talk about being quick on the uptake. NOT!!! What an absolute dumbass!!!! When Derek was around she couldn’t stop mooning over Lucas and when he left, she couldn’t stop mooning over him. Then there’s all the other stuff like what did it mean to be a chameleon and what that sword was meant for. I figured that out immediately. Do you know how frustrating it is when the lead character is so slow you wanna take a sledgehammer to her. It wasn’t like any of that stuff was rocket science! All very straightforward, but then again when you wanna stretch a trilogy into 5 books, you do what you gotta do.

Next up Lucas and what an absolute jackass he was!! Yeah, we get that you ‘love’ Kylie and you do have a great way of showing it. First with all the push and pull and then of course with the ‘we can’t meet publicly because I don’t want to my pack to see me with you because it messes with my ambition’ yeah ok then! What a rubbish love interest and he was so dull and uninteresting. Nothing even remotely exciting about him.

And what can I possibly say about Derek, clearly the less said the better so I will try and be brief. So this guy is even more of a jackass that Lucas is. I know you’re wondering how that’s even possible but its not just a possibility, it a reality. So Derek ups and leaves Kylie and then returns after sleeping around and doing VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. Its so important that we never really find out what it was. And as if that wasn’t enough, he goes and tells Kylie that he’s in love with her when he knows that she’s with another guy. But he’s such a selfless guy, he only told her because….. Wait, he’s such an awesome guy that he told her that so he would feel better. He really cares about her and so he stalks her so he can see how confused she is. And if stalking her waking hours weren’t enough, he stalks her dreams as well. What a catch this guy is!!! Yaeh right! Ms. Hunter you managed not one but two crappy guys!! That’s truly something!

 As far as the other characters are concerned they’re all pretty much the same.. Della and Mirands are okay I guess. Nothing noteworthy. I did like Perry. Holiday also tuned into a lovesick teenager. Kylie’s mom is pretty much as bright as her daughter and that’s not exactly a compliment. Her stepdad is cut from the same mould as Lucas and Derek. So that’s not saying much either. Mario, our diabolical villain, well, turns out he’s not so diabolical after all. That big reveal at the end, well it was painfully predictable.  So this series was a waste of time and effort and frankly with the way the last few YA fiction books I’ve read have turned out, I’m not sure I’m surprised.


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