The Distance Between Us by Kasie West Review

DistanceBetweenUs_UpdateI was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Distance Between Us. It sneaked up on me. I finished it in the second run. The first time I had a go at it, I put it aside because it was building up too slowly and there was no real conflict to speak of. I ended up going back to it because this time I couldn’t decide what I wanted to read next. I usually find it next to impossible to pick up a book that i didn’t finish reading. But this was a very pleasant read.

Both the primary and secondary characters were fun, with the possible exception of Caymen’s mother who was a bit blah. Caymen too had her ‘duh’ moments but apart from that, she was fine, better than most other heroines featured in most contemporary YA. Xander was a fun love interest, smart and likable. Plus he treated Caymen well and they made a nice couple. I really enjoyed their banter.


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