Sentinel (Covenant #05) By Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

Sentinel_cover_mockup14Ah, the series finally ended and did it end well… well probably not. For one thing, Sentinel was probably the dullest book in the entire series. The plot was non-existent and Alex was annoying. I kid you not, nothing happened in three quarters of the book and the last quarter, the climax, was painfully predictable. I’m beginning to think that Armentrout is not good at ending series. Lux is going downhill as well and frankly, now I have no hopes for the last book in that series either. But back to Sentinel, yeah, it was a waste of time.

Who writes a final book in a series with no plot in it!!? Sentinel picked up immediately after the Apollyon. Alex was recovering after having her ass handed to her by Ares. She was feeling sad and miserable about what happened to her. Evil birds and daimons attacked the New York covenant and Artemis showed up so save everyone’s asses. When Alex wasn’t too busy feeling sorry for herself, she was jumping Aiden. With the entire world going to hell, all she and Aiden could think about was jumping each other. Prioritise much? Most of the secondary characters quickly turned into peripheral characters. Olivia, Luke, Marcus, Solos and even Deacon were pushed into the background. They were mentioned but served no purpose at all. For me the secondary characters often take on more importance than the primary ones and I genuinely liked Lea, Olivia and Deacon. Lea was conveniently killed off in the previous book and others were as good as dead anyway since they served absolutely no purpose. This was the final book in the series and it was so pointless. All of this could have been included into the previous book. It would have been more interesting and the plot would not have felt so thin. Yes, Apollyon would have been a thicker book but I would much rather read a thick book than one with no plot in it. There should have been an air of impending doom and very high stakes but sadly both were missing. Sentinel had no scope and had a very narrow focus.

Alex was so annoying. I liked her initially and she had genuine spunk and this was sadly missing in Sentinel. She turned into a whiney, self-pitying mess. I can’t help but compare her to Katy from the Lux Series and both characters have gone downhill. They were both more than happy to jump the guys they were with. Except Aiden is still a much better guy than Daemon. But even he was boring in this one. Pretty much all the characters were pale and more boring avatars of their former selves. Only Seth was a little more bearable but again, he hardly had any screen time. Even Apollo was boring.

Mild Spoilers ahead!!

And what’s with this sudden fascination with teen pregnancy?? Seriously, teens getting pregnant is not cool or cute, it is irresponsible and stupid. And was it just a coincidence that characters were pregnant basically during an apocalypse? Ugh!!!

SPOILERS (highlight to read)

Additionally, where was the need to kill Olivia? She killed Lea in the previous book and now Olivia in this one. Makes me wonder is JLA has something against secondary female characters. She did the same in Origin where she killed off Ash.

This was a sloppy and lazy book with absolutely no progress in terms of plot or character development. It is a massive disappointment considering how much I enjoyed the previous installments and how excited I was about this book. To sum it up, I hated Sentinel and it was an epic waste of time!


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