Witch Rising (Witch Song #2.5) by Amber Argyle Review

WitchRisingFinal.webI received an ARC from the author.

I like the Witch Song series and I enjoy Argyle’s books. I enjoyed the first two books tremendously but I was a little wary when I found that Amber Argyle was writing two more books in the same universe: a novella and a novel and a prequel at that.

I finished reading the book and I liked it. It gave the readers an introduction to Lilette and the events that led to her reaching the island and her life on that island. My only problem with the novella was that the end was far too abrupt. Even for a novella that’s intended as a lead-in for another, it could have ended better. But apart from that I found myself turning page after page to know what would happen next. It helped in a way because I picked up Witch Fall immediately after finishing this one (at 2 in the morning) So mission accomplished I guess.

If you liked the earlier books then this is a must read. But read it only if you have Witch Fall handy otherwise you will not be a happy camper..

I am currently reading Witch Fall and feel absolutely miserable because I can’t wait to find out how it all ends. That review will be up closer to the book’s release date.


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