Author Gender, Null Results, & Examining Privilege


After I posted my thoughts on big book causality, I received this question in my ask box:


The Short Answer

My short answer to the question of whether or not I find it disingenuous to suggest that being male might have had some effect on John’s success is… no. Not even a little bit. Not…

For example, there’s an idea in our culture that male stories are somehow more universal than female stories—we’re a culture that expects young girls to be willing to read stories about boys, but actively discourages boys from reading stories about girls. We’re also a society in which prominent female bloggers in the real world are frequently met with rape and death threats and told to shut up. Empirical studies have shown that male students perceive females as “dominating” class discussion even if they talk only 50% of the time.

Author Gender, Null Results, & Examining Privilege


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