into the light. | the girl with sunlight in her skin and a darkness as her lover. torn between two; a lost boy from home and her utter opposite. who will she choose? a fanmix for alina starkov from the grisha trilogy.  | listen

001. bridges, broods // 002. scotland, the lumineers // 003. hurricane, msmr // 004. guillotine, yadi // 005. you need me, i don’t need you, ed sheeran // 006. who are you, really?, mikky ekko // 007. lose your soul, dead man’s bones // 008. everybody wants to rule the world, lorde // 009. all the rowboats, regina spektor // 010. r u mine, arctic monkeys // 011. everybody’s watching me, the neighbourhood // 012. drumming song, florence + the machine //

1. I love this mix.

2. Having trouble finding legit places to buy “Bridges” and “Guillotine.” Perhaps I am an internet dullard?

3. Also, just spent the last hour mining mixes in the tag for music to add to a new inspiration playlist. Working on something I theeeenk you guys will like.


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