Cast In Flame (Chronicles of Elantra #10) by Michelle Sagara West Cover!!

Cast-in-Flame-1024x727So, this is not an official cover reveal since the cover is already online but I couldn’t help myself. It’s a beautiful cover and the most beautiful in the series so far. Love the rich reds and the details. sigh….

I’ve read all the books in the series and love all of them but they take some getting used to. Sagara’s writing is a little unusual (some sentences end abruptly while others are not immediately clear) but the world and characters that she has created are absolutely stunning in their details. And she adds more layers with every new book, more about a certain people’s culture, their politics, their society and so on. Her characters are complicated, multifaceted and often their intentions aren’t always apparent. I love this about them, that you can’t put them in a convenient box. And Kaylin (with Teela coming in at a close second) is a treasure to read about. I love her and I am so glad that she’s only gotten better with every book. So if you haven’t already read this series, you should start. Just one warning: be patient, the payoff is worth the wait. 😀


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