Percy and Annabeth

So, this is a somewhat random post, but I I recently reread House of Hades and felt the need to express my feelings when it comes to Percy and Annabeth..tumblr_mnzk5hGqkv1qem0fvo1_1280 hair_twirling_by_burdge_bug-d3299gf

While reading HOH, I realized how perfect these two were for each other. I mean, they are the most perfect couple in YA that I have come across in quite sometime. If you’re wondering why, then all you have to do is read their bits in HOH or even the previous Heroes of Olympus books for that matter.

Percy and Annabeth are one of the only couples who are truly encouraging of each other (yes, even when it comes to drinking liquid fire) and I love how in-tune they are with each other. I honestly believe that if either had fallen into Tartarus alone, they would not have survived. They only lived to tell the tale because they were together and that served as strong motivation for both of them. In so many other books, either the guy or the girl would’ve stayed back in Tartarus to press the button, and Percy was all set to, except Annabeth refused to let him do that. That was EPIC!!

The other great thing is that there are no silly love triangles or potential love interests who only serve to make the other person jealous. Sure, there was Rachel in the Percy Jackson series but I’d be lying if I said that I ever took that seriously, Percy and Annabeth were always gonna be endgame.  And I love that Annabeth continues to be the brains of the operation and Percy never feels threatened, he even encourages her and looks to her to get them out of a tight jam. Of course, this is also thanks to Rick Riordan. So often, the series starts with strong female protagonist or even a strong female secondary character or love interest, but more often than not, as the series progresses, the character is dumbed down for the benefit of the male characters.

Also the absence of needless angst, you know where authors feel that their characters are happy together and they throw in some useless catalyst to make them miserable or one character thinks that he/she is putting the other one in danger and therefore must break up with him/her. So glad that that never happened here. Also when Percy gets all gloom and doom, Annabeth pulls him right back. And I love that. In Tartarus, they were both miserable and yet both tried to make the other person feel better and put on a brave face. That was adorable. As for Percy, he can make Annabeth laugh, irrespective of how dire the circumstances are (or perhaps because of them)  Besides, the guy fell into Tartarus with her, it doesn’t get more epic than that!!

Honestly, Percy and Annabeth are one of my all-time favourite couples in fiction across the board (barring classics) with Raphael and Elena (Guild Hunter series) coming in a very close second. But that’s for another post.

I really want these two to have their happily ever after. They already went through hell in the Percy Jackson series and this time literally fell into it. They’ve earned it and if either of them die, it would be really annoying and sad.

Well, that’s it for my random and complete fangirl post, now I am just waiting for the Blood of Olympus so I can finally finish it and then relax.

P.S. – the beautiful artwork is done is Burdge, you can find her and more of her amazing work on tumblr here:


2 thoughts on “Percy and Annabeth

  1. I truly enjoyed reading about this couple, and their struggles through Tartarus, how they supported each other the whole way. The ending to Mark of Athena, where they agreed to fall together was a very heartbreaking moment. 🙂

  2. This couple is the one couple that I have no doubt about them staying together. They are really just one person because of how they act. They would die without each other. It is quite touching really.

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