Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark, #9) by Kresley Cole Review

Pleasure of a Dark PrinceEvery once in a while I like to torture myself by reading books where I know I will pretty much hate the primary protagonists. So I picked up Pleasure of a Dark Prince expecting just that so I was a little surprised to find that I didn’t absolutely hate Lucia and Garreth.

As usual, PoaDP was absolutely frustrating at times and needlessly long (it could have been substantially shorter and perhaps better for it) but I managed to finish and didn’t hate it as I had the previous books in the series.

Yes, Lucia and Garreth did their yes and no dance for most of the book and of course they ended up together. That’s the other thing, the series is painfully predictive which makes me wonder why even bother reading the initial bit especially since none of it will matter? They huff and puff and make all kinds of stupid decisions, all in a bid to ignore the other person but as the reader, you always know how it’s gonna end. So, it’s no surprise and nor is it satisfying.

The main characters, Lucia and Garreth were ho-hum.. Some of the secondary characters were entertaining though like Nix and Regin. I always reading about these two mostly because they are irreverent and just plain fun. Regin’s book is coming up and I am almost dreading that because these women are often the most pathetic in their ‘starring vehicle’.

The big bad that everyone (read Nix) kept talking about was also very disappointing and unimpressive and the end (as I mentioned earlier) was also predictable. The problem with a formula-based series is that there are no stakes when as the reader, I already know how things are going to wrap up.

All in all, it did not make me want to slash my wrists but it didn’t excite me either. Now, onto the next…


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