Cursed (Fallen Siren #1) by S.J. Harper Review

CursedThis was quite a disappointment. For one Emma was supposed to be an ancient Siren and yet her mannerisms, her personality didn’t reflect that. I get that she’s meant to blend in but this is written in the first person and in her own inner monologues, if it hadn’t been explicitly stated that she’s ancient, I would not have known. Eternity is a very very very long time and it must weigh heavily on the person who’s been alive for centuries and none of that is apparent. This should have been even more pronounced considering she’s been punished to a life where she’s forbidden from falling in love and the punishment to flouting that is even more painful.

Zack was a nice guy and seemed genuinely sweet but there was nothing very interesting about him. Frankly, I just didn’t care about Emma and whom she got together with. There’s even an hint of a love triangle with a Vampire, I wish I cared…

The world building is also a little remiss; Emma has been around since the age of the Greek gods so what happened to those gods? Where do they live. We know that Demeter hangs around but what about the other gods? There was absolutely no mention of them. There were also other paranormal creatures like the Vampires and the Werewolves (and granted that the series is not about them per se) but they just seemed to pop up (especially the Vampires) and it seemed a little abrupt almost like the authors made that up on the spot.


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