Book I’m Looking for. Please Help!!!

Hey guys, I need some help. I’m looking for the name of a book I read sometime ago, I can’t remember its name or the name of the author. I don’t remember the characters’ names either (sorry) But i can tell you the story or the general gist:

There are two kingdoms, One has invaded and taken over the other. The King and Queen are murdered but the prince (who is a baby at the time) escapes with the help of a loyal guard. They escape and set up the resistance, waiting for the prince to grow up. There is also a magical device that used to protect the kingdom from invaders that has been missing. The resistance is searching for this device because it could help them win the war.

The main character is a girl. She is also part of the resistance and has been training to get the chance to venture out, to be of actual use to the resistance. She gets frustrated when she is told again and again that she’s not yet ready. She is also in love with the Prince but they have been best friends since they were children. She finally manages to go on a mission with a few other people.

She manages to obtain an important document and just manages to evade capture. I think that they’re camp is attacked by the invaders but after this I am unclear as what happens

In the end, we realise that this girl is the actual princess and the boy was a decoy. Her mother somehow imbued her with the powers of the magical device. She also gets captured and is put with the slaves. The other slaves are told not to help her and that helping her could also get them into trouble so most of the other slaves ignore her. One girl decides to help her because she hopes that the girl really could help them. The girl’s brother (or brothers) are not convinced and threaten her not to give their sister false hope.  She is abused by the captors and made to work without any food or water. A little boy tries to help her and the guards beat him to death. She tries to protect him and she brings him back to life with her magic.

I can’t believe I remember all that and still can’t remember the name

That’s all I can remember and I hope this is coherent enough. It is driving me nuts that I can’t remember the name of the book because I really enjoyed it and even now I can visualize certain scenes but can’t recall its name nor the name of the characters.

Please help!!!


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