Guild Hunter Fan-Fiction: Guild Academy Registration

This too is from Archangel’s Consort when Elena takes Gwendolyn, Eve and Amy to the Guild Academy to register. In the book, we see it through Elena’s eyes but I wanted to explore what Gwendolyn must have been thinking. So here it is:


Gwendolyn and Amethyst followed behind Elena as she led Evelyn for her registration. She could sense the discomfort in Amy’s stiff body; only her love and concern for Eve had brought her here. It had been a battle of wills to even reach this far. She knew that if she had been even a little unsure, Jeffery would have convinced her to let it be, to pretend that Eve wasn’t Hunter-born.


The past few days had been fraught with tension but she wasn’t going to back down. She would do whatever it took to make sure that Eve had all the tools she needed to survive. Even now, while he had driven them here, he had stubbornly refused to come inside. She couldn’t understand why he had agreed to drive them, she had decided to drive them herself but she was stunned when he announced that he would do it. She remembered him sitting next to her, his white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and the heavy and stifling silence within the car. Never had it felt to oppressive. But he had still come.


As they walked through the entrance, she could hear Elena telling Eve about the Academy. She saw Eve look over her shoulder to Amy.


“Amy can come with me?”


“Yes, if you want.”


Gwendolyn was still struck at how supportive Elena was of Eve and Amy, she didn’t seem to be offended at Amy’s behaviour. She had every reason to be resentful of them but she wasn’t. In fact, she seemed to be going out of her way to make things easy for Eve. Gwendolyn couldn’t help but admire and respect that. Any concerns she might have had regarding Elena’s behaviour towards Eve had evaporated when she saw how protective she was of her.


They walked into the waiting room and were greeted by a thin man in a high-tech wheelchair. He was classically handsome with dark skin and rich dark eyes. Gwendolyn saw the way his face lit up when he saw Elena and her response to him. She was so happy to see him that Gwendolyn could hear it in her voice; she could hear the smile in her voice.


She bent to him and kissed him on both cheeks making him blush. His gaze shifted to her wings as he ignored the three of them but Elena brought his attention to Eve who had moved behind her. She put her hand on Eve’s back and gently pushed her forward.


“Later, I’ve brought the Guild a new student.”


His attention immediately shifted to Eve, sizing her up.


“Hunter-born. Nowhere near as strong as you, but strong enough to get herself in trouble if she’s not careful.”


Gwendolyn sucked in her breath to hear that cold assessment spoken so casually, making her even more worried. Next to her Amy stiffened even more. She could also see that Eve had sidled closer to Elena, she went to go forward but Elena beat her to it, playfully tugging Eve’s ponytail.


“Don’t mind him. Vivek talks to computers most of the time- humans are too much trouble as far as he’s concerned.”


Eve relaxed against Elena and Gwendolyn appreciated Elena’s attempt to make Eve feel more at ease. She was still reeling from just how serious this was, how much danger her baby was in and this wasn’t something that she could deal with alone.


Grumbling, Vivek directed them to the office area beyond the waiting room for their registration. Elena accompanied them but this was something that Gwendolyn wanted to do herself. She took over from Elena and after sometime Elena excused herself and left her to it.


Almost done with the paperwork, she looked towards Elena and saw her standing with Vivek on the porch. Her eyes had a far away look, looking bruised, as if she was lost in her own painful world. Suddenly her eyes focused and she looked at Vivek. She felt they were intruding here. This was Elena’s home; these people had taken care of her when her own father had abandoned her. There would be no love lost between them and the Guild, even now; she knew it was Elena’s involvement that made things so smooth for them. She didn’t know how to thank Elena for all she had done and continued doing. She wished that she had done more when Elena had lived with them.


After a few minutes she joined Elena and Vivek on the porch while the girls waited in the waiting room. Vivek said something about work and left, leaving them alone. For a few minutes neither said anything.


“Your father is waiting in the car. Maybe you’d like to speak with him.”


Judging from Elena’s lack of a reaction, she knew that she knew he was here. Giving her a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, “I know but perhaps some other time. Right now I have to run.”


She thought that Elena would take off from the porch but she walked back inside and went to Eve.


“If you want to speak to me, just give me a call. Anytime, ok?”


Eve nodded solemnly, still a little scared of what all the changes meant. Gwendolyn looked on and Elena gave Eve a gentle hug, loose enough that if Eve wanted to step away, she could. But Eve hugged her harder. The sight made something inside Gwendolyn tighten.


Saying her farewell to her and Amy, she walked back to the porch and took off. It was still a sight that amazed her and she could see that even Amy wasn’t immune to it. There was a flash of a look of wonder before she tamped down on it. But Gwendolyn had seen it and she wished that she gave Elena a chance and could move beyond the wall that Jeffery had built to keep them apart.


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