Guild Hunter Fan-Fiction: School Attack

This story is basically takes place in Book 3, Archangel’s Consort, when Eve’s friends get killed by the vampire in the murderous rampage. It is from Gwendolyn’s point of view.


It was not a peaceful time in the Deveraux household. Everyone was on edge because Jeffery seemed like a ticking time bomb. He had been like that ever since the incident in Manhattan where Elena was injured. He was at his wits’ end because the Tower would not entertain his calls and he had no alternative but to get in touch with the Guild Director to get any kind of news regarding Elena. They told him she was alive but gave no other information saying that even they didn’t have all the details. It was eating him up that he had to resort to calling the Guild to get any information on Elena’s health.

A year later when Marguerite’s grave was disturbed, he finally spoke to her. It was hardly a conversation when all they did was exchange verbal barbs. But now he knew for certain that she was alive and convinced that she must have been Made. Though nobody would confirm or deny that.

When Gwendolyn heard about the attack in the girls’ school, she felt sick with worry. She could not wait to have them home safe and sound. Still not clear on all the details, the teacher she spoke to only gave her the bare facts. Every minute that the girls weren’t home, was torture for her.

When she heard the car pull up in the driveway, Gwendolyn rushed out to see them, to hold them, make sure that they were safe. She saw Amy first, always calm and unflappable; even she looked pale and shaken. She pulled her in for a hug, as soon as she pulled away; Eve ran to her and buried her face against her. She held Eve for a while and then ushered both girls inside so they could talk.

Once inside the lush and lavish living room, she sat them down but before she could say anything, Evelyn burst out,” We saw Elena!”

Gwendolyn was stunned, of all the things she expected to hear, that was not one of them. She asked, “ Was she at your school?”

“She was, we saw when we were all waiting outside the school. She’s an angel mama. We saw her wings, they were so beautiful.”

Gwendolyn was struck speechless for a moment, collecting herself she said,” Did you speak to her, what did she say?” Worried that maybe Elena hurt their feelings.

Amy spoke up for the first time,” Yes, she spoke to Eve, asked her if she knew what had happened and if she had seen anything. She seemed angry when Eve told her that she discovered the-“

“You discovered the body!?” Gwendolyn gripped Eve’s hands in her own. “Why didn’t you say something sooner!”

For the first time Eve looked scared, she gripped Gwendolyn’s hands tightly between her own little ones. “I saw her just lying on bed mama. There was so much blood, on the bed, all over the walls.” She looked haunted, her eyes bruised.

Gwendolyn took her into her arms and gently rocked her till her sobs subsided. Still rubbing her back, she asked Amy, “How are you feeling darling?”

“I didn’t see anything and the teachers didn’t say anything either. They just had us evacuate the school and wait to get dropped home. Eve’s the only one who saw anything. I didn’t speak to Elena.”

Eve looked up at Gewndolyn, “Mama, back at the school, I could sense something. There was something that was almost calling me.” She said haltingly.

Gwendolyn felt the blood drain from her face but she forced herself to be calm. “What do you mean baby?”

“I sensed that I needed to go in a certain direction, almost like I was following something. And there was a strange smell but no one around me could smell it. I felt I had to follow that smell Mama.”

Gwendolyn felt helpless; there was suddenly a very strong possibility that Eve was the same as Elena, Hunter-Born. It was the one thing that Jeffery could not be reasonable about. She felt fiercely protective of Eve in that moment and she vowed that she would do everything possible to make sure that Eve had all the love and support she needed. And if Gwendolyn had to ask Elena for her help then she would do that too. Be that as it may, her conversation with Jeffery was not something she was looking forward.



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