Ant-Man : A short review

antmanSo, I saw Ant-Man a few days ago. While I did try to avoid the major spoilers, I ended up reading that a lot of people felt that Hope Van Dyne was underused and her character felt shortchanged and the father-daughter relationship also felt somewhat superficial.

To be fair, Ant-Man was a fun and entertaining film, it was also a very ‘un-superhero’ like superhero film this year. A large part of the film is the heist which was a very pleasant change: the heist involved getting the Yellowjacket suit out of Darren Cross’ hands and also making it impossible for him to replicate the Pym Particles.

What really works for this film is the humour. It is genuinely funny and Michael Pena deserves special mention, he was wonderful and absolutely hilarious. The cast was good all around, while i was initially more than a little unsure about Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, he did a fairly good job. Sadly he was lacking in charisma and screen presence. His character too, felt a little weak.

Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne, on the other hand, worked wonderfully well. She commanded the scenes she was in. What I loved about her was that she was strong and capable and was more than capable of being the Ant-Man (Ant-Woman?) But then the film would have been over before it even began. Now about her character, did i think that she deserved better? Yes, definitely. Would it have been great to see her put on the Wasp suit? YES! But that would have felt very rushed and then we would have been complaining that there was no character development. I want to see a Wasp film and a Black Widow film and a Captain Marvel film but I want to see them done well. Not a ham-handed job. Having said that, we know that there isn’t a Wasp film in the works and there isn’t another Ant-Man film in the near-future, so I am curious how Feige plans to include her and still do justice to her character. I guess she and Scott Lang will be part of the new Avengers (and on Captain America’s team)

Michael Douglas was good though considering that he doesn’t have a multi-film contract like the rest of them, I wonder if we’ll see any more of him. Ideally, there should have been more emphasis on Hank’s relationship with Hope. They still hardly seemed to spend any time together and when they did, Scott was always around. It was easy to see Hope’s frustration with her father for trusting an absolute stranger over her and I felt that that was glossed over. It took Scott to go to her and tell her why Hank chose him over Hope, it would have been better for Hank to tell her himself. He didn’t communicate with her. He simply told her how he wanted to do something and expected her to fall in line.

Judy Greer felt wasted in yet another film. She is a good actress so it’s a little sad to see her short-changed. Corey Stoll as Darren Cross/Yellowjacket was the just amount of disgruntled protégé and evil scientist. Though I felt that he met his end a little too quickly. A quick mention, the action scenes in the film were extremely well done and made excellent use of the characters’ miniscule size. They were quick yet never confusing and even made time for some comic-relief. 

Though not as good as some of the other Marvel films (Captain America and Captain America – Winter Soldier, Iron-Man and last but certainly not least The Avengers) it is nonetheless a good film.The film suffered from a weak script so that didn’t help. Add to that it almost felt like a filler film, before it was announced, nobody saw an Ant-Man film coming. We didn’t need an Ant-Man film but considering it’s out, it is certainly worth a watch. It may be far from perfect but it does have a lot of heart.


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