Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 – Mid-Season Finale Musings

marvels-agents-of-shield-season-3-poster-091715-hi-resI just finished watching the mid-season finale for Season 3 and given with the way it ended, there is much to discuss. Spoiler below so beware.

The driving force this season so far, has been Shield on Ward’s trail to make him account for what he did Bobbi and Ward’s attempt to revive Hydra (a leaner and meaner version) along with the Inhumans arc which mostly involves Daisy.

The season started by putting the Inhumans front and center and indeed built it up as the prevalent arc this season, but for the last few episodes, it seems like that they’ve been put on the back-burner for the time being. In fact, even Daisy’s screentime has lessened considerably. As much as I loved the way the writers set up the Inhumans in the show, the way they’ve handled it this season, makes the arc seem more like an afterthought and that was a little disappointing.

I will admit that the Inhumans arc tied in nicely with Hydra but where the actual Inhumans are concerned, I thought we would see more of them (and being in body-bags doesn’t count)

Ward building up Hydra was a logical step for him. We saw him throughout Season 2 ,trying to find where he fit in without Garret. Could he reconcile with Shield and Skye (he doesn’t know that she goes by Daisy now) or does he strike out on his own? He wanted a team of his own to facilitate his vendetta against Shield and Hydra was just convenient. The writers made it clear that Ward sided with Hydra not because he believed in their ideology but because of Garret. Through the course of the season so far, we meet another shadowy Hydra head, Gideon Malick and find out Hydra’s true origins .

The mid-season finale had quite a few surprises up its sleeve, one of them being the ancient Inhuman who was trapped on the other planet, Maveth. Not only did we lose Grant Ward, but we also learned that Will died not long after Simmons was rescued. But I am a little confused. If the creature on the planet was an Inhuman who has been on the planet for thousands if not hundreds of years, how did he survive, especially after the planet turned into a barren waste-land? Is it an Inhuman or a true virus? We know that it overtook Will’s body but it also had access to his memories, that’s how he recognized Fitz and knew what he meant to Simmons. We saw a worm-like thing slither out of Will’s head when Fitz kills him but what is it and how is it an Inhuman, I can’t make sense of that? Is the worm an Inhuman or was its original host one and this is how he adapted to this strange planet? At this point, the finale just raised more questions than it answered.

The questions will be answered when the season resumes but I am sure that the writers know what they’re doing and will answer most of our questions by the time the season ends. Marvel’s Agents of Shield will resume in March and that is a very long wait. In the meantime, feel free to speculate….


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