Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 Episode 17 Thoughts (Daisy)

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.48.36 AMSo, I love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that is because of the amazing characters on the show. I love pretty much all of them. I Love May, Jemma, Fitz, Coulson and Mack, Bobbi, Hunter, Joey and Slingshot a.k.a Yo-Yo, I like Lincoln and while I didn’t in the beginning, I am starting to like him more as this season progresses. But Daisy Johnson is my favourite character on the show, she is one of the primary reasons I watch AoS.

With the release of the stills for 3×18, we knew that Daisy would switch sides with Hive so that dampened the impact in the current episode. Hive got to Daisy and now basically has her under his control (the similarities to Kilgrave and Jessica are staggering) Now, I will attempt to order my thoughts into some semblance of coherence to talk about what happened to Daisy and what it could possibly mean. Here goes.

It makes sense for Hive to get to Daisy, for one, no one would suspect her and two, it also served the purpose of getting under Coulson’s skin. Think about it, we spent all of last week agonizing over who would betray the team, it was no coincidence that Lincoln seemed like the obvious choice. The writers always referred to his ‘dark past’ and when he did come clean to Daisy in the previous episode, one could claim that maybe he wasn’t being completely honest, after all, his big reveal felt a little tame after all of the build up. Literally no one thought that it would be Daisy which in a way was pretty smart.

In addition, we know that Hive retains the memories of his previous hosts, so he has all of Ward’s memories, he knows that Ward, in his own twisted way, loved Skye and he also knew just how important she is to Coulson. He remembers how Coulson literally crushed his chest (that must have seriously hurt) and what better way to get back at Coulson than to steal the one person who makes him vulnerable, Daisy. She regards Coulson as her father and he sees her as a daughter. It’s not just coincidence that makes Hive go after her, it’s a calculated move to throw Coulson off his game and also get Skye on his team (this is more Ward than Hive)

All through the show, Daisy has been one of the most decent people and as the show progressed, she only became better, always fighting for the underdog and trying to save lives (both human and Inhuman) It would be interesting to see this DarkDaisy play out for a while just because this is a side of Daisy that we simply haven’t seen. In the season 2 episode Who You Really Are, regarding Daisy’s power, Sif says that she has the power to destroy continents. That’s her potential but throughout season 3, the use of those powers has been very tame. This is the writer’s way of giving the audience a glimpse of what her power is really like when she’s not holding herself back (if she does really let go) It could also serve as a reminder that the only thing that kept from slipping to the dark side was that she and Coulson have a very deep bond (also May is like the mother she always wanted but never had) It would have been very easy for her to go Ward’s way, all she had to do was meet the wrong person, someone like Garrett and it would have been a very different arc for her. But her being with Coulson and also her own personal sense of honour and integrity kept her from ever walking down that dark path. One can imagine Coulson’s helplessness with regard to what happened to Daisy but that helplessness will soon be followed by resolve to get her back to her true self and her team, the people who care about and have cared about her ever since she got on that Bus. (Go Fitz and Simmons, find a cure for all that mind control sand-dust thingy)

Now, this is the part that I am less happy with, Daisy’s lack of agency. When she went to Afterlife and then fought May because she thought S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked her mother and tried to kill her, she made her own decisions, she was wrong but they were still her decisions. With Hive taking control of her, she is no longer in control of herself, we know this because she never would have done the things she did like using Lincoln’s anger issues against him. Daisy’s a deeply empathetic person and she would never hurt anyone like that, least of all someone who confided in her about his weakness. These actions are just not her. So yes, while seeing a dark aspect of Daisy will be fun, I am disappointed that it had to come at the cost of her agency.

The next few episodes, the rest of the team will race against time to find a cure and get to Daisy before it’s too late. We know that she will be horrified by her actions, especially if she seriously hurts Fitz but I think that will spur her to take down Hive. I think the recent events will also temper her hero-complex and she will rely on her S.H.I.E.L.D. team and work together to bring Hive down.

The last few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sure look like they are shaping up be dark and very emotionally intense. Strap on your seat belts, looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride…


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