Wonder Woman: Earth One, Volume One Review

ww:e1 coverI really enjoyed this. I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and I’ve been waiting for Earth One ever since I first heard about it. The wait was pretty long but it is finally at an end. I had been eagerly waiting for Wonder Woman Earth One series and read volume 1 in one sitting, now I can’t wait for Volume 2. Volume 1 was far too short and that is something that left me a little disappointed.

There were a couple of things in the book that I really liked. I loved the artwork and the fact that Diana looked more proportionate for a change. I also loved that Yanick Paquette also juxtaposed some of the panels with artwork in the style of ancient Greek paintings. That was a nice touch.

Grant Morrison also made certain changes that were very welcome. I loved that Diana has a lover in Themyscira and since the island only has women in it, the lover is obviously a woman. I would have loved to see more of Diana’s interaction with Mala, sadly we didn’t explore that at all. That was a nice and fresh track and not something that we’ve seen before with Wonder Woman before and I would have loved to read more about it. Also, Steve Trevor is black in Earth One and while that was also a nice change, it didn’t really make much of a difference because the book isn’t about him, it stays focused on Diana and doesn’t waver in that regard. I also loved Etta Candy (I also love her in the new Wonder Woman series called The Legend of Wonder Woman, for those who haven’t read it, rectify that oversight immediately, it is perfect)

Morrison also didn’t introduce any of the other superheroes in this, he kept Diana front and centre and I was pleased with the exchanges between Hippolyta and Diana, they represent two opposing views, one wants to continue as they always have and another wants change. Diana wants to live her life independently of her mother and her influence, something a lot of us can empathise with.

Wonder Woman: Earth One, Volume 1 is the perfect starting point for this iconic character and I can’t wait for the next volumes. I just hope that creative team stays the same. Wonder Woman: Earth One also works as a great introduction to this character. If you aren’t very familiar with Wonder Woman, this is a great book to start with.


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