Agents of SHIELD 3×20: Emancipation

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.48.36 AM

When Daisy finally came back to the base, looking drained and exhausted, being restrained by 2 guys, Coulson called her Agent Daisy Johnson, not just Daisy or even his usual slip-up of Skye. Was it because Talbot was with him or because he still didn’t trust that she was herself? She looked so lonely and broken and nobody came forward to hug, there wasn’t even an impulse that was quickly tamped down. Only with Lincoln, there was an indication that he was holding himself back.

Simmons is already acting cold and detached with Daisy, you can hear it in her voice, she sounds hard, not like the kind and caring version of herself. I get that Daisy did horrible things while she was under Hive’s control but now she isn’t. She’s heartbroken and guilt ridden about her actions, the last thing she needs is to feel isolated from her team, her family. She needs to feel like she belongs with them, that they still care and not just enough to make sure she’s free of Hive’s control, that they care about her emotionally as well.

The next two episodes are gonna be really tough for her and I can only hope that she gets the love and support that she so desperately needs.

On a side note, Marvel’s Most Wanted got cancelled so does that mean that Bobbi and Hunter will rejoin Agents of Shield? The only reason they left was because of the show.. I’m hoping they come back. I remember reading somewhere that they were both coming b


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