Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 15 Self-Control – Theories

So, from the episode synopsis we already know that the base will be overrun with LMDs. We also know who some of them are, however there are some that we are unaware of and this is where it gets tricky.

For one, AoS writers love throwing curve-balls at the audience and keeping them on their toes, however, they also don’t normally repeat aspects that we’ve seen in previous arcs.

Now, we know that Mace, Coulson and May are LMDs, we see them hooked up to the Framework, but in the promo for episode 15, AIDA mentions 4 LMDs. So who could the fourth be? There are some possibilities. From the end of episode 14, we have this:

In the image, we know that Coulson and Mace are LMDs for sure. However, the tech only detects an LMD, it can’t however differentiate between normal human when the humans are with an LMD (or two)

Now onto the other possible LMDs. Let’s start with the least likely: Daisy. I seriously doubt that she’ll be one of the LMDs because we saw something similar to this in season 3 when she was under HIVE’s control (before she revealed herself at the end of the episode) She also got injured in her fight with the Russian (I’m not calling him Superior because I doubt he’s the big bad) but yeah, she clearly got injured, and it seemed like a deep wound:

If this is the case, then like May she should be able to see the inner metal work. Then there are her powers. Radcliff can give her memories to the LMD but not her powers. But my chief reason for her not being an LMD remains that we’ve seen evil Daisy in season 3 and there’s no reason to repeat that. Besides with Coulson and Mace gone, Daisy will have to step-up and take charge.

It won’t be Elena either, at this point I don’t know if she’s going to be in the episode. But if she is, I still don’t think it’ll be her. Because like Daisy, she’s an Inhuman and it’ll be easy to figure out if she’s an LMD.

Then there’s Fitz and Simmons. Either one of them could be LMDs but not both of them. The writers love driving the audience up the wall by always messing with Fitz and Simmons and this season has been pretty kind to them. But I can’t tell who’s more likely to be one. It could be Fitz, since he’s Shield’s best bet on figuring out the LMDs and deactivating them (apart from hacking their head off) Simmons, on the other hand, would be equally bad. As of right now, she is the one with the highest clearance at the base, which means she has a lot of power. Plus, the only time she was away from base, when she was taken to help Vijay break out from his outer-husk, she was always with the shield goons and at the time, Radcliff and Senator Nadeer weren’t working together.

But, I’m optimist that it’s neither of them simply because they’ve both been through enough pain with Fitz’s trauma and recovery and Simmon’s getting sucked onto another planet.

Now, onto Mack. He’s actually a pretty good candidate. For starters, he spent an entire episode MIA when he went to visit his ex-wife. He was on his own and it would have been so easy for Radcliff to swap him  for an LMD with no one the wiser.

That looks super aggressive. For what it’s worth, my money is on Mack.

In the LMD arc, we have maybe one or two episodes to go which means that the threads need to start unravelling. I have a feeling that the last few episodes will deal with the Darkhold and containing that. The Watchdogs will probably still be a part of it. Nadeer’s brother, Vijay will also make a come-back having gone through his second (and permanent) transition and will likely play a big part. It will also be a great way to get Ghost Rider back since he’s probably the best equipped to handle and get rid of the Darkhold.

So this is my two-bit worth of speculation.. Feel free to comment and let me what you guys think..


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