Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 15 Self Control – Theories Updated

So, I posted theories about who could be LMDs on the base yesterday but some (or all) of those theories could be wrong because I was missing some very important information. The episode I saw had some glitch which is why I missed a few seconds towards the end of the episode. The idiot that I am, I thought I hadn’t missed anything important. Turns out I had, the very important part where Fitz’s tech informs Fitzsimmons and the viewers that there are 4 LMDs in the chamber.

But here’s the thing, I still don’t quite buy that though it does make me make some changes to my theories. I still think Daisy is a misdirect because when have the AoS writers been so straightforward with information? Ummm, let me see, Never.

Which leads to this: either Fitz or Simmons is an LMD. Here’s why: I think either Fitz of Simmons is an LMD and I think one of them modified the chamber sensors to give the wrong diagnosis. It is far too convenient who the LMDs are and the promo goes to great lengths to suggest that this is the case. But if that were true, why not show Daisy also strapped to a machine like the other 3 in the image below:

Because the audience is being set-up. We are being to led to believe that Coulson, Mace, Mack and Daisy have been switched for LMDs and Fitz and Simmons are next on their list. Except that’s far too obvious.

The other thing that makes me think that the writers are setting us up is that we never see Mace or Coulson give Daisy or Mack any instructions. For a show that declared the 4 of them as LMDs, why be shy in that regard in the promo?

The alternative theory I have is that all 4 of them are LMDs but somehow Daisy escapes being put in the Framework and is on the run and we have this image from the promo:

She’s not wearing her uniform and her gauntlets are off and we know that she only took them off when she had gone rogue. She’s wearing what looks like an ill-fitting grey top. Now, if this were a scene from Daisy in the Framework, it would look ideal, so she would be dressed the way she normally is. So, it’s possible, that the Daisy on base is an LMD but then the real Daisy manages to make it bust the remaining human agents out before the LMDs get them. Even the setting is vague, it could be the bad guys lair or the base with the power cut off.

I have a feeling that writers will spend the first half of the episode selling the “they’re all LMDs”  only to turn it on its head close to the middle of the episode before all hell breaks lose.


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