Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

This was absolutely pedestrian, everything from the plot to the writing. There was nothing about it that stood out. The writing even felt poor in places. The plot was slow and kind of just plodded around. The end was predictable and there was so much build up that it’s likely that you’ll guess the big reveal before the actual reveal, which takes the wind out of the sales as far as shock value is concerned.

Then there were the characters. JLA could have focused more on Sasha and her PTSD and trauma, and while there were parts where it comes up, it’s not detailed enough and all too soon, it becomes about the guy, Cole Landis. For once, I actually liked the guy. He was sweet, gentle and protective without being overbearing. So points for that at least. But Sasha herself was so bland that she didn’t really hold my interest. Then there were all those instances where Sasha kept mooning over Cole and getting distracted by how amazingly good looking he was. He was beautiful, we get it, I don’t see why the reader has to be bludgeoned on the head by being told the same thing over and over again. That kind of writing just makes me roll my eyes.

Feel free to skip this..


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