Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 16 – Skyeward

First off, let me just say that the episode felt super short. Just when I was getting the hang of things, it ended. I actually felt cheated.

Now, onto Skyeward. As always, let me preface by saying that I DO NOT support or even remotely like the Season 2B Ward. By then, he’d gone off the deep end. well truly to the dark side. But before that, even at the end of season 1 and season 2A, there was a possibility of a redemption arc for him which the writers never explored.

But I digress. First things first, the Framework Ward is NOT the Ward we all know and hate. He is everything Ward could have been if he had stayed with Skye and never betrayed them. This Ward truly loves Skye. When he found out that she’s an Inhuman, he hid her real test results and swapped them (reminds me of what Fitz did for her when she had just turned into an Inhuman and everyone on the team was feeling a little too trigger-happy) He joined the Resistance so that he could help her and others like her. And he never told her. He kept that side of himself hidden from her so that he wouldn’t implicate her, even accidentally.

To say that the writers are giving Ward a redemption arc is just incorrect, because that Ward is dead. They are giving us a taste of what could have been, hence the episode title, WHAT IF.

 Daisy’s reaction, when she discovers him in her bed, is completely understandable, even warranted. She can barely stand to be touched by him, but she plays along. When he discovers Daisy and Jemma at the park, there is a shift in the way Daisy reacts to it.
 She actually lowers her weapon. Think about it, everything she said to Ward after lowering her gun, she could have said with the gun still pointed at him. Instead, she chose to get through to him, to make him understand. And he risked blowing his cover when he shot that HYDRA goon to save them. And then risked it further when he drove them to safety. He’s completely committed to Daisy and wants to keep her safe.

When they reach the car park, and Ward was working on destroying the car, Daisy could have just left with Jemma, leaving him behind. He’s technically not real. But she didn’t, she actually came back and apologized to him and when he asked her for her real name, she told him. And can we also just talk about the fact that he never asked her for an explanation, he just jumped in and helped Daisy and Jemma escape.

 Now, the episode ends before Ward can get back to Daisy’s house and we don’t see their interaction, so we’ll have to wait till next week to see that. Unlike Coulson, Daisy never got closure where Ward was concerned. For the longest time, she felt nothing but blind hate for him and by the time she understood him, it was too late. Coulson killed him soon after that. So she never got to deal with what she came to understand about him. The Framework Ward is her chance to finally move past that and also maybe see the man she actually fell for. The man who was protective and sensitive but hid it under a hard shell. Who thought that someone like her could never fall for him because he was too boring and straight-laced. He was also the only who understood her need to belong, her need for a family without it ever being spelled out.

We know that this Ward will cease to exist as soon as Daisy and the team destroy the Framework, but I’m curious their relationship (or lack thereof) and the way it unfolds. The possibilities are endless…


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