Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 19 Theories

AOS 4×19 – All The Madame’s Men
Daisy finds herself teamed up with an unlikely partner. Meanwhile, Aida prepares to put her ultimate end game into effect. 

Guest starring are Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Mallory Jansen as Madame Hydra/Aida, Jordan Rivera as Hope Mackenzie, David Weiss as serious man, Patrick Cavanaugh as Burrows, Zach McGowan as The Superior, David O’Hara as Alistair, Ben Cain as Hydra agent, Andy Comeau as Hydra doctor and Kavita Patil as Mrs. Lee.

We had the synopsis and now we have the teaser, let the speculation begin!

First up Ward:

 How can anyone think that he doesn’t care about Daisy/Skye. Look at the anguish on his face! His helplessness and the pain! I know this Skyeward is going nowhere but let me have my scraps, please. I loved Skyeward in season 1 and this is a taste of what it could been. A shade of what it could have been rather because Daisy is not in love with him but he clearly is. He is not the real world Ward, who hid his feelings. He loves Daisy and makes no bones about it. UGH!! This is more pain than I bargained for!
 A Mama May and Daughter Daisy team-up! Finally! HYDRA has no idea what they’re about to be hit by. May and Daisy on their own are formidable but as a team, they can lay waste to pretty much anyone and anything dumb enough to stand in their way. I can’t wait to see to lay waste to HYDRA on their way out.

I’m concerned that while Daisy does turn into an Inhuman, she doesn’t gain her usual power. Which might explain why both May and Daisy are using guns when she could have just ‘qauked’ their way out of the compound. I think half the episode will deal with their breakout while the other half will see them reunite with the rest of Shield.

And can you imagine Daisy’s reaction to seeing Trip!? They were partners and he was there when she went through the change, in the chamber. He died trying to protect her. Also May and Coulson will finally be on the same team. I’m curious to see how much Coulson remembers when it comes to May. In episode 18, he told her snap out of it and called her May when clearly they hadn’t met before. But I don’t think it really registered with him. On the other hand, there was a sense of familiarity when he was addressing her even when he didn’t know her.

 The only thing better than a May-Daisy and a Coulson-May team-up is a May-Coulson-Daisy team up! So many things to look forward to with this episode…

I think Ophelia gets hurt somehow when Daisy and May escape which would explain why Fitz is out for blood. His father, Alistair is just an all-around turd and he just really needs his ass kicked. I wonder what new game Ophelia is playing and can she die in the Framework or does it work differently with her.. Not sure, these are all questions we need answered.

Episode 20 doesn’t list Brett Dalton or BJ Britt as guest stars which is disappointing. But we do know that Alistair Fitz is in the episode. So I’m a little confused. I think the first part of the episode takes place at wherever the backdoor is which is why only the core team is listed. I’m guessing that Trip and Ward get them there and then work to distract HYDRA from their tails.

The synopsis mentions that not one everyone may want to leave the Framework and the usual suspect is Mack for obvious reasons. But what if, it’s not him but Fitz? What if his programming is so deeply ingrained that he doesn’t want to leave? Or he is so wracked with guilt that he doesn’t think that he deserves to wake up? It’s just that it’s too obvious for it to be Mack and I don’t trust things when they are so obvious when it comes to AoS, the writers love tearing out the audiences’ hearts and this would be the perfect way to do it.

I just want the writers to give us one moment between Daisy and Ward that isn’t marred by the past and the real-world Ward. Just a moment that brings full circle what they could have had and what it could have been, I am hoping the writers don’t turn him into a triple agent, that would suck and just be a rehash of season 1 and honestly, I think it would hurt the show and that’s the last thing they want.

There is also a possibility that either Daisy or Jemma go back to the real world to get some back-up maybe and the other person stays behind. It would make sense for Daisy to stay behind since she has powers now.

There is literally no information about episode 21 and 22. We don’t know the guest stars nor the synopsis. For all we know, they only make it out of the Framework in episode 21. I wish ABC released all the episodes at once so I could binge and put myself out of my misery.

I cannot wait to watch the remaining episodes!!!! Please renew this show already.. It is so good and deserves better.


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