Agents of Shield Season 4 Episode 22 Theories

We know very little about the season finale except that Robbie is back. We know that he joins the team, probably in the early part of the episode. From the promotional photos we’ve seen, we know that we’ll go back to the Framework and see Mack, Hope and Radcliff.

Daisy, Robbie, Coulson and May are together. We don’t know where Simmons is though. At some point, again in the first act of the show, Fitz is attacked by Ophelia. I hope Simmons is not kidnapped again, quite tired of the ‘abduct Simmons’ ploy.

Daisy and Robbie are probably going to team-up with Daisy taking on the Superior and Robbie squaring off against Ophelia and/or the Darkhold. To defeat him, all they technically have to do is locate his head and destroy it but finding it will be hard especially since even AIDA didn’t know where it was and I doubt it’s the kind of thing that Superior would just leave lying around.

We know that the Daisy fleet is still in play
 and it’s obvious that they’ll be brought in to cause even more chaos and confusion. Its possible that while the team is scrambling to deal with Superior and Ophelia, the fleet will start targeting the Inhumans. I’m not very sure about this though because with the exception of Vijay, we haven’t really seen any new Inhumans and I don’t think it works if you kill nameless characters, characters that the audience are not invested in.

Now that Ophelia and Superior have read The Darkhold, it’s easy to see that they both want to remake the real-world, one that will deeply resemble the World of Hydra. Ophelia wants to cause Fitz pain and take down Shield and Superior wants to eradicate the Inhumans. These two have turned into such an epic pain in the ass! Damn you Radcliff!

Ophelia might kidnap Fitz again but it doesn’t look likely, from the shot, it looks like they’re still aboard the Zephyr. Fitz isn’t ready to be out on the field so maybe Simmons stays back with him because someone needs to monitor Mack and Elena as well, leaving Simmons, Fitz and Piper on the plane. Also, please leave Piper the fuck alone, she better not die!

Talbot isn’t going to be any help if the previous episode was any indication. Shield is on its own and they have no one to rely on.

Elena is meanwhile stuck in the Framework and has to rescue Mack. I didn’t think that we’d be going back into The Framework, so I guess I was wrong there. It is strange though that neither Ward nor Tripp appear in the episode. Tracking down Mack is going to be hard for Yo-Yo since she knows nothing about the Framework reality, she went in blind, literally. I’m guessing they come back in the nick of time but how will they get out? Daisy’s no longer with them to quake the back-door, unless Radcliff helps them get back. I’m curious to see Elena and Hope interact. It still won’t be easy to get Mack to leave his daughter.

For the final act of the episode, I feel like the entire team will be together, they will have defeated the Superior, leaving Ophelia and the Darkhold. I’m not sure one episode gives you enough time to take down 2 difficult adversaries which is why I think that Ophelia or the Darkhold might still be in play next season.

I initially thought that we might see Hope come back, thanks to the machine that Fitz built and while that still might happen, I am a little unsure about it now. I don’t see the writers bring back a child into play, for one, she doesn’t fit into the narrative and secondly, with Hope in the real world, Mack keeps holding on to his past and what could have been, keeping him from fully committing to Yo-Yo and the life he could have with her.

So who do I think will come back if anyone comes back at all? Well, I have a feeling it will be Ward. This goes all the way back to Season 3 finale, when Coulson tells Daisy that she was branwashed and she replies, “So was Ward, we make the perfect pair.” In season 4, we saw an alternate version of him in the Framework and his name keeps coming up with Fitz saying that “I’m just like Ward” Why keep referring to a character if you had no future plans for him? Why keep reminding the audience about him? It makes no sense unless they were planning something. But Jed did say that the while the machine still works, it won’t be used to bring back Ward or Tripp, so it’s bit of a toss-up. Also, we don’t know how accessible the machine is considering that oil rig was destroyed by torpedoes. But it would be the perfect epilogue, after the dust has settled, the team is at their base (if it’s still safe, that is) and in walks Ward leaving the team speechless. I do think that if he does come back, it should ideally be in the epilogue as a lead-in for the next season. Maybe, he’s carrying a message from Radcliff, something he discovered while he was in the Framework. Of course, Radcliff come back as well but I think he’s served his purpose. Besides someone needs to operate the machine. So my best bet is that Ward comes back. The Grant Ward we, the team and Daisy deserved.. so here’s hoping…

P.S. – ABC renew the show already!!! What the hell are you waiting for!


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