Game of Thrones Season 7 – Sansa, Jon and Daenerys

Now, there have been a number of leaks ever since they started working on the 7th season.  Most of them have led a lot of people to think that Jon and Daenerys will end up either together or certainly get into a relationship this season. I don’t think that will happen. I’m going to touch upon a couple of things in this post.
1. Jon as King in the North vs Sansa as Queen in the North
2. Jon and Daenerys vs Jon and Sansa vs Sansa and Winterfell
3. Daenerys killing Cersie vs Sansa killing Cersie

1. Jon as King in the North vs Sansa in Queen of the North:

For one, we, the audience know that Jon is a Targaryen and not a Stark. The North is famous for not trusting outsiders and weren’t fond of the Targaryens, considering that they rallied behind Robert Baratheon. Jon’s hold over the North is tenuous at best. He will soon find out that he is in fact a Targaryen and not a Stark at all. What could that mean for his kingship? A whole lot of problems especially with people like Littlefinger around, just waiting to stir up trouble. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First things first, I genuinely believe that Sansa is and should be Queen in the North. For starters, Jon wasn’t interested in heading back to Winterfell, he only decided to come back because of Sansa because she realised that so long as they didn’t have Winterfell, they would always be vulnerable. Ramsay signed his own death-warrant when he mocked Jon and Sansa and revealed that he held Rickon. It was the catalyst Sansa needed to nudge him to see her point-of-view. I don’t see this as manipulation on her part since what she was saying made perfect sense, and Jon was just being dense. Jon is also driven by his emotions while Sansa has had to slowly change her way of thinking to anticipate what her enemies might do. She even warns Jon that they don’t have the numbers, to not fall for Ramsay’s tricks and Jon disregards her words again and again only to do exactly what she warned him against. If the riders of the Vale hadn’t ridden in, Ramsay would have won. They only won because of Sansa, something everyone conveniently forgot when they proclaimed Jon as King in the North.

For Sansa, Winterfell is home and so much more. It’s her safe place, a place where things were good and they were happy and could go back to some semblance of those long-past times. She is going to fight tooth and nail for Winterfell.

Of course, either Bran or Arya could be king or queen but I don’t see that happening. Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven and I think that will keep him from being the king, he can serve as an adviser but that’s about it. Arya is driven by one thing only, vengeance on those who betrayed their family and as such holds no interest in ruling the North. I see her serve as Hand to Sansa’s Queen. One of the things I’m most looking forward in the new season is the interaction between Arya and Sansa.

2. Jon and Daenerys vs Jon and Sansa vs Sansa and Winterfell:

There are a lot of people who think that Jon and Daenerys will get together and, again, I don’t see it happening. Jon has a lot on his plate as does Dany. She is more focused on winning the Iron Throne and has no time for men. The only way she would consider a relationship with Jon is if it brought her more men or aide in winning the IT. She would have to marry Jon and the Notherners would never accept a Targaryen as a king or queen. Add to that, Jon himself is a Targaryen and I think he’ll find out his true parentage in the first few episodes. When his own position as KitN is tenuous, he isn’t going to be much help as far as a diplomatic marriages go and Dany doesn’t have time for any more dalliances, considering that she even left Daario behind. They’re also far too similar, easily swayed by their emotions, they each need someone who’s more grounded.

Which brings me to Jon and Sansa. Jon ending up with Sansa is more likely in my opinion, than Jon with Dany. For one, if he’s to have any chance of cementing his position as KitN, he needs a Stark by his side. Even if it isn’t love between him and Sansa, it’s the only alternative that makes sense. He can’t marry Arya because he always treated her like his little sister and he can’t very well marry Bran. Which leaves Sansa, someone with whom he barely had any interaction when they were younger. Also, their interactions in season 6, didn’t read like siblings, more like near-strangers who were trying to find their footing around each other. Then there were the scenes where Jon basically just stares at her, as if unsure about how to respond to her, trying to figure who she is or just staring at her because she’s beautiful. He clearly cares for her, but she isn’t the girl he remembers. She’s older and harder, her dreams of knights and love all but shattered. He doesn’t immediately see that hard side, but she is unmovable where her decisions are concerned. She asks for his help but lets him know in no uncertain terms, that she would fight for Winterfell alone if she has to. She doesn’t take bullshit from him and doesn’t let him push her aside. Plus, she has the diplomatic knowledge, something that Jon is sorely lacking in. He isn’t fit to be king and he never wanted to be one. Sansa, meanwhile has dreamed of being a queen for as long as we can remember. If Sansa does get together with some character, I’d rather it be Jon, she deserves to be treated better and we know that Jon would do that.

Also, the show keeps drawing parallels between Jon and Ned and Sansa and Catelyn, that’s not an accident. There are multiple instances where Jon is likened to Ned and Sansa reminds people of her mother, not just in her looks, but also in her demeanor and personality.  Even LF’s obsession with Sansa and wanting to sabotage Jon is another parallel. The show is setting them up as a couple although the makers/writers are being somewhat subtle about it.

But, in an idea world, I see Sansa as the Queen in the North with Arya as her Hand and Bran as an adviser. Sansa too, doesn’t really have time for men. Considering her past, it’s not surprising. She’s consolidating her power in the North so she never has to depend on a man to protect her. She doesn’t want to need a Jon to protect her. It’s why she hasn’t had Littlefinger killed. And let’s not kid ourselves, she could have had Jon execute Littlefinger for all the shit he’s pulled over their family. She’s not blind and she sees LF’s weakness in his desire for her, it’s something she can use and fully intends to. She’s done being the plaything, she’s the one who’s going to pull the strings. With Arya by her side, they will make an even more formidable pair. I think we can all agree that one way or another, LF will meet his end this season, either at Arya or Jon’s hands (I’m betting on Arya) but with Sansa laying the groundwork. Because it will have to be handled with care so the Starks don’t lose the support of the Vale.

Sansa has been dreaming of going back to Winterfell ever since season 2, it’s been her one constant and I don’t see a desire for a man derailing that. She’s starting to come into her own, she’s back in Winterfell and now it’s all about making sure that no one can take it away from her and her family. This season will be all about Sansa and Arya, presenting a unified front. the sisters have more in common now than they did in the past. Arya needs Sansa, just as Jon does, for her knowledge of the inner workings of a court, while Sansa needs Arya because she has the skills necessary for carrying out Sansa’s schemes.

She won’t be averse to marriage but this time it’s going to be on her terms. She might agree to marry Jon as a diplomatic move, consolidating both their positions.

3. Daenerys killing Cersie vs Sansa killing Cersie

At this point, we can all agree that Cersie has gone well and truly insane and I personally think Jamie will actually kill Cersie, thus completing the prophecy. As for the showdown, for now it seems like it will be between Cersie and Daenerys and that doesn’t quite sit right. Dany has no history with Cersie outside of the fact that she wants the Iron Throne. If there is a showdown between them, it doesn’t really have the emotional impact that a one between Sansa and Cersie will. Cersie made Sansa’s life a living hell while she lived in King’s Landing and Cersie thinks that Sansa is responsible for killing Joffrey along with Tyrion.

These two have so much history that any interaction between them is sure to be powder-keg of a situation. Plus it makes for far more interesting television. If anything, Dany should ideally go after Jamie since he’s the one who killed her father, Aerys, the Mad King.


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