Will Sansa betray Jon Snow (post Season 7 trailer 2)

The new trailer for season 7 seems to be setting up Sansa as a big player in the upcoming season. The trailer opens on her, with Littlefinger’s voice in the background, urging her to trust no one and wage a battle on all fronts, in her mind. He’s still trying to mold her, trying to make her more like him. That might, however, be a way for the show to mislead us with regard to Sansa. They’ve been setting her up as an unknown with regard to Jon as KitN ever since the season 6 finale, and they seem to be doing the same in the trailer, especially with the trailer closing once again on Sansa, this time with her voiceover, with someone on a horse riding somewhere, I think we can safely assume that it’s Jon, injured and on his way back to Winterfell, saying, “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” 

Sure, Jon could be the Lone Wolf she’s talking about except that throughout the show, especially season 6 finale, Jon is referred to as the White Wolf. I could be wrong and perhaps Sansa does indeed refer to Jon and only says Lone Wolf because it fits the rest of her statement. Still, I don’t detect malice, it’s also difficult to judge since we only have a VO and therefore no context for the statement or who she says it to. Still, she seems contemplative.

Also note her placement in the trailer, she’s in the Godsgrove, the show is really driving the parallels between Sansa and Catelyn. This scene, however, in my opinion, likely takes place early on the season, perhaps as early as episode 1, minus LF’s voiceover.

In a recent interview, Sophie Turner stated that she is firmly on Team Stark (and not Team Snow), and that this season will be moving away from inter-family problems to focus on the wider picture, with characters meeting and forming alliances. This could possibly refer to the North allying with Daenerys and co. to take down Cersie and then focus on the threat of the White Walkers. We also know that Jon will reach out to Dany and her camp when we have his VO, saying that they need to fight together, like they did before to deal with the real threat, the White Walkers.

Sansa betraying Jon is a red-herring in my opinion simply because the show is driving that narrative a wee-bit too hard. Sansa knows Littlefinger and she knows what he wants, she also doesn’t trust him, all that’s left for her to find out is that he had a hand in her father’s death. She does however trust Jon, she trusts that he won’t betray her and won’t hurt her. It doesn’t make sense for her to betray him. Not when he’s the one the North supported, killing him puts her at a disadvantage and actually results in her losing power.

The statement about Sansa being on Team Stark, also puts a bit of dampener on the whole Jon x Sansa ship, she really is only concerned with consolidating her family’s hold on Winterfell and the North. That’s not something she will give up ever, and right now Jon is her best bet of making sure of that.

We know, by the trailer that Jon leaves Winterfell at some point in the season, leaving a vacuum, something a sniveling coward like LF won’t hesitate to exploit to his advantage, likely whispering into Sansa’s ear, trying to manipulate her. I actually think Sansa will play Littlefinger and lead him into a trap that ends with him losing his head, either at Arya or Jon’s hands (I’d be happy with either)

Her final line in the trailer could be something she says to Brienne, Arya or some other ally when Jon and the Wildlings venture into the blizzard, likely to head-off the White Walkers. The trailer is well-cut in that it gives us no context.


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