Sansa and the Quote

Sansa’s last line in the trailer is “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives“   and there is a lot of speculation about it and what it could mean. A lot of people are taking it as confirmation that Sansa will indeed betray Jon. You can read my analyses here and here.

But there is another meaning to the line that has nothing to do with Jon Snow. Another blogpost mentioned that Ned first spoke this line to Arya when they were at King’s Landing and how the Starks love quoting each other (Winter is coming among others) Seen from that point of view, the meaning changes completely.

What the line actually means is that when the conditions get bad, the lone wolf, the one who fights alone, dies, while the pack, that stays together and fights together, survives. It has nothing to do with Jon and everything to do with staying together. How then, can it count as proof that she will betray Jon.

Granted that being a Targaryen, Jon isn’t technically family but he’s never harmed or hurt her, and he offered her sanctuary when she found him at the Wall. And he did so with no strings attached. Even when they were visiting the other Lords of the North to rally support against Ramsay, it never struck him to use Sansa as a bargaining chip. He never once brought up the fact that he could give her away in marriage for said support. I’m not saying that it would have worked but that it never even came up as an idea.

Once Jon committed to protecting her, he stuck to it. Sansa is ambitious and she is pretty savvy. She’s lived through trauma and terror for too long and she’s learned to play the long game, the kind LF and Varis are known for playing and everything suggests that this season will be all about family for her. That means that she’s going to eliminate threats to the Starks, not people who are fighting for them.


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