Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling #16; Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh Review

This felt strangely underwhelming. it was okay and that’s about it. Although, moving to a new pack was a good thing.

Valentine: I liked him, he was a pleasant change from the previous alpha-male characters, though he wasn’t quite as interesting as them. I expected more and was left wanting.

Silver: I think the women, especially the Psy, are starting to fall into a pattern. She wasn’t truly silent, even at the beginning of the novel so it was a pleasant surprise to see her turn into a perfectly Silent Psy, it was a good contrast. I also liked that she never let anyone push her over.

The relationship between Valentine and Silver was also well-balanced, where they both grounded each other.

My favourite character was easily Ena Mercant. She was formidable and so badass, easily the most dangerous person in the room

The main problem with Silver Silence are the antagonists. They just aren’t as threatening as the Psy Council. They just feel a little half-baked and that suddenly cuts the tension because I can’t take them seriously, even with the odd-POV chapter thrown in.


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