Evil/Dark Daenerys and other Misc. Thoughts

I’ve read a lot of metas that state that Daenerys will turn evil by the end of the show or will go mad and I can’t help but think that that probably won’t happen.

She’s far from perfect and not really suited to ruling. She is great at swooping in and setting people and cities free but the everyday governance is something that she still has trouble with. She can also be ruthless but the same can be said for ALL the characters in GOT. Nothing new there.

Additionally, we’ve already had the Mad King in her father and the Mad Queen in Cersie Lannister, now that one is well and truly mad and it is a scary prospect because of just how in-control she is and the sheer amount of power she has. It’s not just me who sees it, one only needs to look at Jamie and the look of utter disbelief on his face as Cersie says one outlandish thing after another and even stating that Tommen betrayed her. But back to Daenerys.

Daenerys is far from perfect but that’s what makes her an interesting character. She also has the wisdom of recognizing people who can serve well as advisers (see Tyrion) and actually listening to them. She also does not display any signs of impending insanity. If it does come to down to a battle involving her and Cersie, she might just win. She has the numbers to beat Cersie, barring any unforeseen calamity (or Euron’s gift to Cersie which could be a person or could be something that negates Daenerys’ use of dragons since those are her most powerful weapons) Whether or not she’ll get to rule or not is anyone’s guess.

I though this season would be the battle of the two Queens and the next season would focus on the battle against the Night King’s army, but so far it seems like the North at least is only gearing up for one fight and that’s against the Night Walkers. So it could go either way. If next week’s promo is anything to go by, the Northeners will not support Daenerys’ quest for the Iron Throne. They don’t trust outsiders and they trust Targaryens even less. Can’t see that going well for Jon, especially if he’s gone to her to join their forces. Ugh!!! So many possibilities!!


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