Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 – Sansa and Jon (part 2)

So this is the part where I focus on the framing of these two characters and the many parallels between Sansa and Jon and Catelyn and Ned and also a contrast to Jamie and Cersie. Let’s begin.

For starters, if we just look at the way these two are framed in a shot, they almost always have the other in the shot. It is only in a tight shot that we see them solitary, anything wider, and they are both in the frame whether it is an over-the-shoulder or a profile two-shot. That’s not accidental, they are specifically placed that way. Also, look at what the camera focuses on

When Sansa grabs his arm to get his attention, he looks down at her hand. Now, if this were a platonic relationship between a brother and sister, there was no need for that look. Again, none of this accidental, these are as per specific instructions by the director. The actor doesn’t decide how he’s going to play a scene, not when you’re dealing with foreshadowing or putting in hints that you maybe want the audience to pick up on, these are decided by the writers (in the case of television because the directors keep changing from one episode to another) and the director (specifically in the case of films) This goes back to the forehead kiss in season 6, that long lingering forehead kiss which ends with Jon looks at Sansa’s lips before leaving. I won’t go into details regarding that since there are plenty of metas already on the subject.

As for parallels, Sansa continues to sit on Jon’s left at the table, a position occupied by the consort/wife of the king, not the mother and not the sister, just the consort/wife. This is also not random placement, a lot of thought and research went into this, there is another blogger who wrote an amazing piece on this with in-depth details, I’ll update the post with the link to it if I can find it. But go back to Season 1 and Ned would sit in the middle with Catelyn on his left, Coincidence? I think not. Then there’s this:

Another parallel to Ned and Cat in Season 1, the positions are almost exactly the same. These similarities are too on the nose to simply an homage to a previous couple, also where is the need to echo Ned and Cat unless the writers are steering us in a certain direction without explicitly stating where it is that we’re headed.

Now, kindly observe their position as they argue:

They stand so damn close to each other. This struck me even back in Season 6, when they have an argument in the tent about BotB, they are literally in each others’ faces. In fact they stand close to each other, even when they have a normal conversation, almost in each others’ personal space.

Now, look at Jamie and Cersie, an actual romantic pair (whether or not they will continue to be that remains to be seen)

Look at how far apart they are standing, the distance is enough that even though they may both be in the same frame one of them is always out-of-focus. And look at the sheer distance between them, they might as well be standing on either side of the room. Also note, the scene involving Sansa and Jon is immediately followed by the one above, also not an accident but one that clearly presents a contrast both in terms of character placement and over-all tone.


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