Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 – Sansa and Jon

Having seen the episode, I know that a lot of people are a little confused about the Sansa and Jon interaction in the meeting hall with the Northern Lords. It was confrontational and aggressive from both sides.

I can understand Jon wanting a united North to face off against the Night’s King and his undead army which now also includes massive giants. It makes sense to have those houses pledge themselves to House Stark and fight for them. But…. Sansa is also right in saying that the Lords who did fight for them, and who lost men on that battlefield when they fought for House Stark. Lords from much smaller houses and fewer men also deserve to be rewarded for supporting them when there was no guarantee that they would win. Could they have done it better, of course! But we need to keep in mind that they haven’t been around each other for a very long time. They are used to being on their own. Suddenly being thrust together and having to work together is going to be learning process and not something they’ll figure out overnight.

It wasn’t this scene that made me mad though, it was the one after it, where Sansa is trying to get through to him and he keeps ignoring her. It’s like he’s deliberately not listening to her. At the end of Season 6, Jon tells her that they need to trust each other and yet he continues to not trust her. She told him before the BotB about the traps Ramsay lays and that they will not get Rickon back. She even explains to him why Ramsay will never let Rickon go and Jon throws it in her face saying that her advice was far too obvious. And yet on the battleground, Jon fell for the trap, hook, line and sinker. If not the Knights of the Vale, they would have all died. But no, this season, he’s conveniently forgotten all that. Trust goes both ways and as someone who has repeatedly suffered at the hands of those Sansa had trusted, to say that she has trust issues would be a serious understatement. But I digress. Throughout that entire scene, it seems more like Sansa is talking at him and he only hears selective bits and pieces. When she tells him that he must be smarter than Ned and Robb, he once again throws it in her face, saying, “How should I be smarter, by listening to you?” And she replies, “Would that be so terrible?” By this point, she is imploring him to listen to her. And promptly after this, after reading Cersie’s message, Jon once again disregards her council. She’s lived at King’s Landing and she lived with Ramsay, would it be so outlandish to think that she can offer valuable insights. She tells him not to ignore the threat Cersie presents and Jon just disregards her.

I get that this is the training period of sorts but if Jon continues to behave the way he does, things will not go well for them. Which leads me to address the notion that Sansa will betray Jon which I just think is implausible and it would be awful writing. Throughout the above scene, while trying to get through to him, Sansa is also telling him that he’s doing a good job and the people respect him. She’s trying to build his confidence. That doesn’t sound like someone trying to tear you down. It would have been so easy for Sansa to tap into his insecurities and make him believe that he’s doing a shoddy job but she doesn’t. When LittleFinger approaches her, she shuts him down and doesn’t entertain him. One could ask, why continue to keep him there? Well, I believe part of the reason she hasn’t asked him to leave is because she doesn’t trust him and she’d much rather keep him where she can keep track of what he’s up to. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

In the promo for next week’s episode, the commander of the Knights of the Vale I think, says that a Targaryen can not be trusted. Well, once it is revealed that Jon is also a Tagaryen, looks like it won’t be easy for him to hold the North or Winterfell. But that won’t happen for a while I think. I have a feeling that Bran will reveal that bit of information to Sansa alone considering that Ayra is back on her way south to King’s Landing. Also, this puts a spanner in my theory that Arya will help Sansa kill LittleFinger. Guess, it’ll just be Sansa now, and maybe Brienne will help but I don’t see her do anything that would being dishonour to her knighthood. I’ll be happy as long as he’s dead and far away from Sansa.



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