Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Stormborn – Other Thoughts

Episode 2, Stormborm was a bit of a let down in the respect that it felt like an episode that’s leading into something else and not one that stands on its own. It starts off really well but then ends on a low. There is action but literally nothing goes well for the people we are supposed to be rooting for. But what I really hated was the way the writers are trying to wind up the Dorne plot. 2 of the 3 Sand Snakes are dead, Obara gets speared and Nymeria is strangled by her own whip. They are supposed to be lethal warriors and yet they were dispatched with such ease. Ellaria and her daughter, Tyene will be taken to King’s Landing, Euron’s gift to Cersie. And I don’t see either one of them making it out alive considering that Ellaria killed Myrcella. Cersie will probably kill Tyene in a horribly painful way and make Ellaria watch or something just as twisted.

As for Yara, after Theon jumps ship, we don’t actually know whether she’s still alive or dead. I think she too is on her way to KL for the simple reason that we didn’t see her die and there was no reason to shy away from her death when we had already seen so much carnage. I don’t see her point as a hostage though because she isn’t important enough to either side. True, she is Theon’s sister but he’s a small fry, I don’t see Dany sailing to KL to rescue her. She also doesn’t matter to Cersie since they’ve never interacted. At the same time, I am kind of sick of women suffering just so that Theon’s plot can move along. Here’s another female character in danger of being fridged.


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