Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Stormborn

I’ve wanted to write my thoughts on this episode since last night, alas, work gets in the way.. Anyway, here we are. I was thinking of doing a full recap but that would take too long, perhaps, once this post is done, let’s see. But moving along to Jon and Sansa. (also I’m writing this while at work, so I’m not quite as mentally ordered as I’d like to be, do bear with me)

Episode 2 didn’t have as many Jon+Sansa scenes as the first episode but there’s still plenty to decode where these two are concerned. Let’s start with another Cat/Ned parallel on the battlements:

I mean, it’s so obvious that you can’t possibly tell me that the showrunners, directors and writers haven’t planned it. After this, there is a marked change in Jon and Sansa’s interaction:

He asks for her opinion and takes it seriously. Even Sansa is a little taken aback (and not for the last time, this episode) The letter from Dany’s court has come from Tyrion and Sansa is the only one among the three of them who knows him best. She says that he’s not like the other Lannisters. He was kind to her when he didn’t need to and tried to protect her as best he could. Their interaction may not have been too dramatic, but Jon still gazes at her, so he’s back to that, as if really drinking her in.

The scene in the Great Hall was also very different than in the first episode. In this gathering, he seemed a little subdued, somber. And it’s not lack of confidence on his part, but a deep unwillingness to leave the North. He, like Sansa, has only just reclaimed his home and now he has to leave. He’s miserable, look at his face. Once, he puts his point forward about Dragonstone and going to Dany and her help in defeating the Night Walkers, various Lords speak out, including Lyanna Mormont, they like Sansa are concerned about the KitN leaving for the South.

Here is another stark (pun intended) differences between episodes 1 and 2:

Jon doesn’t dismiss or shut her out. He realises that her concerns are valid, just as they were in the first episode. he does trust her and demonstrates it by telling her, in front of everyone, that the North is in her hands while he is away.

You can see the shock on her face. This was the last thing she expected. Just look at her face, she had no inkling. She probably thought that he’s leave their home and by extension her, in someone else’s hands. I love the way this scene played out. There is so much to read in just their expressions. Then there’s that idiot LF, still skulking. Sansa glances at him and it’s not a look of triumph, he has a smile on his face but she is still stunned. She doesn’t smile back at him or any gives any indication that she’s happy about what just happened.

Now, onto the crypt scene: There was poor Jon, among his ancestors and then LF enters and it’s obvious that Jon is not happy about the intrusion. You can see the anger on his face, but he’s very much in control of himself.

See that? There’s the smile, similar to Ned’s expression. But here’s the other parallel:

The minute LF says that he loves Sansa as he loved her mother. Jon loses it. That is pure rage on his face. He snarls before he shoves LF against the wall. As I mentioned, Ned was smiling, toying with LF, letting him know who the alpha was. Jon was the aggressor, he was putting a claim, on Sansa, whether he realises this or not, LF clearly does. Jon is not playing around and he’s far more guarded than Ned every was. I can’t quite understand what LF was playing at when he tells Jon that he loves her. He couldn’t possibly have hoped for a positive outcome. I think that he was trying to seeds of distrust between the two of them.. He tells Jon, just as he’s about to leave that he loves Sansa and then starts working on her while Jon is away, except it backfires, Big time. Also, pleased don’t tell me that that was Jon just being a good, protective brother. That is not how brothers react, that was a lover, letting his rival know that he stands no chance and will be killed should be push the boundaries.

The farewell:

Once he’s outside, he gives no indication that he just strangled someone. They tentatively wave at each other and Sansa continues looking at him, even after he exits the gate.

He looks at Sansa and she’s still looking in Jon’s direction. I think he’s starting to realises that this may be history repeating itself. She doesn’t see him emerging from the crypts, her attention is completely centered on Jon.

In my mind, there is no doubt there is a well of deep and complicated feelings on both their parts, it’s why their interactions are so full undercurrents that some people interpret as tension. There is that, but it’s not steeped in distrust.

Arya needs to get to Winterfell ASAP!!! LF is going to try and manipulate Sansa and I can’t stand him getting close to her. It helps that she knows what he’s after and that Brienne is with her and she doesn’t trust him either.

Also, we have the Godswood scene in the next episode and now we know that it’s not Jon who’s with her. Who else could it be? LF maybe, but the figure appears to be too bulky to be him.


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 – Stormborn

  1. I kind of hope Littlefinger underestimates Sansa and she ends up taking care of business before Jon gets back. Jon was the first person to truly trust and give Sansa power and I bet she does well with it…. The other possibility on the other end is that Sansa tries to betray Jon and side with Littlefinger and then I will truly give up all hope for the show.

    1. “Jon was the first person to truly trust and give Sansa power” this is so true. For the first time, she doesn’t have to depend on anyone else. Also, this kind of takes care LF as well because Jon gave her power of his own volition with no strings attached knowing full well that her approach is different from his, they see the world differently and give weight to different threats. Sansa knows now, if she didn’t earlier, that Jon is not interested in hoarding power. He says himself, he never wanted to become king, he didn’t even want to be Lord Commander. Jon is a man of action, not politics and you can’t be a leader in either scenario and not care about politics. Sansa, on the other hand, has become a natural, she had to if she wanted to survive. I don’t think the show will push the Sansa-betrays-Jon plot because so far there is no reason for her to do that. The show is setting both of them up in positions of power and as people who work well together when they do manage to communicate..

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