Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 – The Queen’s Justice

Episode 3 featured a good amount of Jon and Sansa but separately. Jon has finally landed at Dragonstone, ready for his meeting with Dany. I know there are many who are worried that Jon and Dany will get into a relationship but so far, there is nothing in their interaction to indicate that.

Look at the way they’re staged, so far away from each other and the way they are both in isolated shafts of light with the dark patch in the middle. It’s almost as if they’re in two different spaces. And they are, their motivation is very different. Dany wants to be queen because she believes it’s her birthright and Jon never wanted to be king or the leader of the Night’s Watch, he doesn’t power and he doesn’t care for it.. He’s also not smitten by her at all. In fact, not only does he keeps refusing to kneel to her, he also refuses to aid her in her quest for the throne. He’s there for the dragonglass and possibly her help in defeating the White Walkers and yet he offers her nothing in return.

Look at his face:

Jon doesn’t trust her and he doesn’t believe in her cause. Now look at Dany:

She doesn’t like him any more than he likes her, she hates that he refuses to bend his knee to her, refuses to swear allegiance to House Targaryen.

Even when they are in the same frame, they are separated from each other. The lighting is also key in these scenes. It is cold, even when the characters are standing in the shafts of sunlight, the light is cold. Contrast that with Sansa and Jon, in most of their shots, they are bathed in warm light, faces illuminated. There is a marked difference in between the two.

Plus there was that entire exchange between Jon and Tyrion when Jon first landed when they’re discussing Sansa. When Tyrion asks him if she misses him terribly, Jon’s face shuts down. He does not want to discuss their marriage. If Jon’s feelings for Sansa were that of her brother, he would not been bothered by it because surely he knows that Tyrion was kind to her, he treated her well. Why then did he get so agitated? There is no reason for a brother to react the way he did. Now, a rival suitor, that’s a different story and Jon’s reaction fits perfectly. He doesn’t want to know about her relationship with her exes, he doesn’t want men walking up to him and telling him that they love her. Those are the things that make him lose his cool.

Add to the fact that Jon says that he wants to go back and Sansa soon mirrors it by saying that she wished that Jon was at Winterfell.

Now onto Sansa, being the amazing queen we all knew she was:

She’s taking an active part in running Winterfell, making sure that they have enough grains, the armor is being made the right way. These are relatively small things, clearly someone else could have taken care of them. But while she does delegate, she also takes a personal interest in the management.

I love the look on Yohn Royce’ face when Sansa points out the armors, that look of exasperation and horror that while Sansa noticed this, he didn’t.

Little Finger is still hanging around, the little creep that he is. I love that she continues to shut him down while absorbing the lessons, he so graciously gives her. He doesn’t yet realise that all he’s doing is handing her the tools that will eventually be used against him. Unlike LF, Sansa knows his weakness and what he wants. LF on the other hands, can only guess at what she wants because she reveals nothing.

Then there was the reunion some of us were looking forward to:

Sansa’s face when she finally realises that it’s Bran and he’s finally home. But this reunion was also very different from her reunion with Jon. This was very clearly a brother and sister coming together, and unlike her scene with Jon, there was no nuzzling, no rubbing of her cheek against Bran. And we don’t linger too long on their hug, the way we did with Jon and Sansa.

What really throws me off though, about Bran, is the scene that followed the hug. They are both sitting under the Godswood and Sansa tells him that he’s the trueborn son of Ned Stark and the rightful King in the North and he refuses saying that he can’t be because he’s the Three-Eyed Raven. When Sansa asks him to explain that, and mind you, she does this in a very gentle manner, things take a turn for the bizarre. It’s not so much what he’s saying as it the way he says it. He starts off by saying that he knows horrible things happened to her right here at Winterfell and you can see the change on Sansa’s face:

And then he says that it was a beautiful night and it was snowing, that she looked beautiful. She’s clearly getting triggered:

There was no need to say any of that. It makes no sense. The only way I can rationalize it is that he’s been seeing the events unfold as the Three Eyed Raven. He’s been an observer but he hasn’t really had any real contact with the people he’s seen in those visions. When he sees his visions, there’s always a distance which obviously doesn’t exist for someone who lived through those experiences. Also, he was still absorbing the visions till quite recently, and I am guessing that he’s still reeling from all that he saw. Pushing his emotions down is his way to dealing with what he sees.

Having said that, there is no real  excuse for the way he acted, the fact that he couldn’t see how affected Sansa was. Also, the Godswood scene seems to be a whole lot shorter in the episode than it was in the trailers.


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