Game of Thrones Series Finale

This episode was such an epic mess that I don’t even know where to start. All that foreshadowing over the years, the subtle hints, the build up, all of it flushed down the drain in one fell swoop. The episode felt like a fuck you to the characters, the story, the audiences. I have yet to come across a human being who liked the episode.

Dany’s death was by far the cheapest shot. By this time, everyone knew she had to die, but it was the way she died that left a really bad taste in the mouth. I thought the show made it clear that she no longer trusted Jon in episode 5. Why then, did she have a change of heart in this one? Why was she suddenly all in love with him again? What did I miss?

The fact that she died while being kissed by the man she loved is just utter and absolute shit. It could not have been executed worse than this. And that she died literally 10 mins (at least that’s what it felt like) into the episode was also supremely disappointing and anticlimactic. There was no build up!

Where do I even begin with Jon! Except to say that his character was perhaps the most fucked up. What was up with the “she is my/our queen” litany? Who was he trying to convince at that point? The fact that she straight up murdered thousands of innocents and he was still backing her! All of his actions season 7 onwards are out of character. The Jon we saw is not the same guy he was in season 6.

If he really was in love with her, in which case it was one of the worst executed love story ever in the history of cinema and television, what was the point of asking Sansa if she had any faith in him? What was the show trying to achieve? Why frame Jon and Dany so badly that literally none of their scenes together as a couple felt right? It makes no sense!!!!

What’s the deal with Tyrion? He’s made one mistake after another. He backed a foreign invader. Why are the lords of Westeros even listening to his advice? His advice should be worth shit considering just how badly he’s been doing. Why is he The Hand? How is that justice? He’s complicit in the genocide, he’s a criminal, why isn’t he at the Wall with Jon?

Bran is the king of the six kingdoms. Please hold while I try to wrap my head around this asinine idea. How? Why? As the TER, he should be an objective observer. He has no business holding power. I thought the whole point of the story was to dissolve The Seven Kingdoms! But seriously Bran the Broken? What the everflying fuck! Even high on weed, I would have had a tough time swallowing this shit!

Bronn is on the small council, again why? What has he done to deserve the honour? He didn’t kill Tyrion and his payment for that was High Garden. He was a sell-sword and remained one till the very end. Why is he on the small council and Master of Coin at that!?

How did Sam become the Arch Maester? How is he qualified?

What happened to the Ellaria Martel and her daughter? The show conveniently forgot about them.. Who was Varys writing to? What did those letters achieve? Did he even manage to send them?

Sansa as Queen in the North was perhaps the only thing that made sense. This was the only part I liked. But I didn’t like the execution. The most important day in her life and none of her family is around? There’s no Arya, Bran or Jon, no Brienne or Yohn Royce! The fact that you didn’t see one recognisable face among the Northmen is telling. Hell, even Lord Glover was absent. It lacked the scope and scale of the first 2 coronations. Why did Brienne leave Sansa and go south? In the end, Sansa is alone.

What was up with all that Jonsa framing? They were framed as a couple always. What was the point of Ned telling Sansa that someday he’d find someone who was brave, gentle and strong , frame Jon as exactly that and then serve this shit? Why frame Jon and Sansa as couple in everything except name? Why frame Sansa as clearly being jealous of Dany? Why frame Sansa and Dany as romantic rivals? WHAT WAS THE DAMN POINT!!!!!

Arya is off to explore the world and I don’t mind this, but why not have her with Sansa when she’s being crowned? All because D&D wanted a cool intercut between Sansa, Arya and Jon? It wasn’t cool. What was the point of The Lone Wolf Dies but the Pack Survives? The pack broke up, they all went lone wolf. What was the damn point?

What were D&D smoking when they wrote this shit and why did everyone else who read it think this is good? How did nobody raise any red flags? Did no one think this is garbage? Or were they so impressed with themselves that they could no longer see that what they’re writing is unadulterated putrid shit. D&D can’t write original stuff to save their life, they did okay so long as they had GRRM’s books to adapt. As soon as that dried up, the show slowly went from bad to worse. They wrote themselves into a corner and then had no idea how to get out of it. Dany needed more time to devolve, more time for the threat of her to be realised. They needed at least 3 more episodes and better writers.

Now I can only hope that the books are better and that GRRM finishes writing them. In the meantime, there’s fan-fiction and I have never needed it more than I do right now.


Aurora Rising (Aurora Cycle #01) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman Review

Here’s the thing you should know about Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman’s books, they will leave you a mess by the time you’re done reading their book. I just finished Aurora Rising and I’m still in the middle of processing just what I read.

I am also an idiot for reading this book right now when there’s no sign of book 2, not a tentative release date, not even a damn blurb!

Aurora Rising’s format is very different from The Illuminae Files. We follow multiple POVs; Tyler, Scarlett, Cat, Finian, Zila, Kal and Auri. Like The Illuminae Files, this series too, takes place in deep Space, far into the future. Mankind has learnt to travel to distant galaxies using the Fold, literally folding time and space. As they traveled farther and farther away from home, they encountered other inhabitants and potentially habitable systems, replacements for a dying Earth.

Aurora Rising is about a band of misfits who are forced to work together to survive and instead of simply co-existing, they form deep bonds of friendship.

Tyler is the star pupil of Aurora Academy, nearing graduation, he’s supposed to be getting ready for his draft. As their highest ranking student, he could have his pick of the crew. But all his carefully laid plans get shot down since he ends up missing it when he decides to rescue a strange girl, the sole survivor in a graveyard of a ship that disappeared two hundred years ago. So now, with the exception of Scarlett and Cat, his sister and childhood friend respectively, he’s saddled with the recruits that no one wanted.

The plot is a wee-bit vague but I guess it makes sense since it’s only book 1. I understand unveiling the mystery slowly and organically because Auri’s character is central to the plot. She’s the catalyst that gets all the intergalactic wheels in motion. She, the team and the audience all learn together, we are with them every step of the way.

The real stars of the book are the characters. Having read The Illuminae Files and other books by the authors (but especially Mister Kristoff) I knew that I should not get too invested in the characters since none of them are safe but they’re just so well written that I couldn’t help but fall in love with every single one of them.

Tyler is the Alpha, the team leader, he’s charismatic and a natural leader. He’s a great tactician and values his team even though it’s not the team he wanted. He’s stoic and willing to make tough decisions for the better of the team.

Scarlett is the Face, the diplomat and Tyler’s twin. She was one of my favourite characters. She’s got plenty of sass and sarcasm and she’s not afraid of using every weapon in her arsenal if it gets her and her team what they need. She was also the most caring in the team, aware of each member, their needs. She genuinely cares about them.

Cat is the Ace, their pilot and she was the best in the Academy. While she trusts Tyler and Scarlett since she grew up with them, her demeanour with the rest of the team can be a little harsh. While the others start to get over their distrust of Aurora, Cat is the last person to get over that. But despite that, she still puts her life and career on the line to try and keep her safe with the rest of the crew.

Finian is the Gearhead, he’s the one responsible for the maintenance of their ship. He probably has the best lines in the book. He suffers from a disability which is why he needs to wear an exosuit. It is the source of his insecurity and he overcompensates for it by sometimes antagonising those around him. He is also canonically bisexual, made evident by his clear appreciation of both Scarlett and Tyler (he has excellent taste!)

Kal is their Tank, the warrior, their combat specialist. Kal also comes from a race of aliens and a clan that excels in combat making him even more lethal. He’s trying to be different from what his history dictates. He’s been a loner but he learns that perhaps he can depend on his team and these people.

Zila is their Brain and is in charge of keeping the team safe should they get injured or fall sick. She is perhaps the least vocal of the team, rarely speaking and sticking to facts and logic. She doesn’t always understand those around her and they don’t always understand her but this team is the one place where she feels she fits in about as much as she can.

Aurora or Auri is the one we know least about. She wakes up after being in cryosleep for about two hundred years. Everyone and everything she knew has been dead for decades. The world has changed. By the laws of space travel, she should not be alive and she should definitely not be sane and here she is, alive and seemingly sane. All mention of her family and the new settlement on another planet have been wiped clean, no records, digital or otherwise.

Add to that, she seems to have developed strange powers that defy all explanation. She and the team undertake a mission not only to protect her but also to uncover the mysteries that surrounds her.

I have to hand to Kristoff and Kaufman, after creating that strange virus in Illuminae and then the lanima in Gemina, one would think that they wouldn’t actually be able to top that, in terms of the creepy factor. But outdone themselves they have! I won’t say what it is, I’ll let you discover that for yourselves. But boy, was it creepy!

I have no idea when the next book will be out or whether it’s a duology or trilogy but I can’t wait to read more about the Squad 312 and their exploits. The only upside of reading Aurora Rising so early, I get to reread it closer to the release book 2.

The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Review

If I can count on a Barnes book to do one thing, it would be to pull me out of a reader’s block. I’ve been stuck, unable to read/finish a book and its been long enough that I was starting to get frustrated. Thankfully, once I started The Lovely and the Lost, I was hooked from beginning to end.

The Lovely and the Lost focuses on Kira who was rescued from a forest when she was a young child. Now, nearly 18 years old, she still faces the consequences of the trauma she suffered all those years ago. Her adoptive mother, Cady works in Search and Rescue along with Jude, her adoptive brother. All three excel at training dogs who can be instrumental in finding those lost in forests. They have one more member of this team, Free, who is part of the family in all but blood.

The family is pulled to Cady’s home town when her father comes to her to help find a child gone missing in the nearby forest, it’s dense and covers a lot of area, they need all the help they can get and Cady is one of the best in the world.

This book follows one narrator, Kira and everything we see is from her point of view. She’s not someone who speaks freely so we spend a lot of time inside her head, with her thoughts. This can sometimes hamper the pace of the book but not here. It’s a well-paced book and while I’m not yet sure whether it’s a stand-alone or part of a new series, the way the book ended, leads me to believe that we could possibly get a duology.

Barnes is exceptionally good at writing characters, they’re all so distinct and even though we haven’t been with these characters long, they’re incredibly well fleshed out and layered. Their personal dynamics are well defined, they’re so different from each other and that’s a good thing because it makes them fit like a jigsaw puzzle, making up for each other’s weaknesses.

If you’ve read other books by Barnes, especially the more recent series, then you’ll find certain similarities between those characters and the kids in this one. Not to say that she’s recycling characters but that she has a way of writing them that’s become recognizable.

I loved the dynamic between Kira, Jude and Free. Where Kira spent most of her time inside her own head and was a woman of few words, Jude was the eternal optimist and free with his words and Free was unpredictable and capable of jumping from one topic to another. Together, they made up the Miscreants. I loved Cady and learning about her own life from before. I loved Mac and even Bale (Cady’s father) Ness was harder to figure out, her character feels a little inconsistent. I liked Gabriel as well and I’d like to see more of him if there are any additional books in the series. I hated the Sheriff and I was bummed that he didn’t get punched unconscious.

I appreciated the way Barnes handled Kira’s trauma and her way of dealing with it. It felt real and visceral. I admire the fact they she treated it with respect. Kira suffered nightmares and flashbacks but she fought with every fiber of her being to get better. I loved that she had a support system around her, people who knew and loved her unconditionally and let her know that she was loved.

But, by far, the true MVP of this book are the dogs, I loved all of them but my favourite was Silver. They were all adorable with personalities as different as those of their humans. I thoroughly enjoyed The Lovely and the Lost and it is a great book.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 – The Bells

I saw the episode last night and I actually loved it, everything that had been teased, hinted at, came to pass. It was exceptionally well shot and the cinematography was excellent.

Emilia Clarke has progressively gotten better where her acting is concerned and her performance last night was nothing short of spectacular. She conveyed so much just through her expressions, it was amazing.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are deeply unhappy with this episode and that’s cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. Is it rushed, absolutely, but everything about Game of Thrones has been rushed since season 7 began. So now I’m used to it. Did they leave Dany’s devolution too late? Yes they did. Is it rushed? Yes it is. Does it lack in nuances, of course it does and at this point, I don’t expect subtlety and nuance from D&D, I’ve gotten myself to look beyond those faults because that’s the only way I could enjoy it. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode, for once D&D didn’t pull any punches.

Dany’s descent into darkness has been foreshadowed over the last 2 seasons, it’s been there all along. I won’t say that she’s gone insane, she hasn’t, she’s just realised that she won’t get the love and adoration that she’s craved and she decided, if not through love, then she’ll rule through fear. Her scene with Jon also highlights this. It also highlights that she’s realised where his loyalties lie. In her mind, he chose his family over her, he chose Sansa over her. She gave him a choice and he made the wrong one.

Add to that, she’s lost a great deal over the last 2/3 episodes, she lost Viserion, Jorah, Rheagal and Missandei over a very short period of time. She’s been nearly stripped of everything that made her special, she’s been stripped of people who genuinely loved her and believed in her and all of that for a war that she needn’t have been so involved in. Because, even after all of that, she still didn’t get what she wanted, the people’s love. She’s experienced nothing but loss ever since she came to Westeros and she’s done playing nice.

I also liked the way the episode was structured, we first see Dany decimate Euron’s fleet and then The Golden Company and up until that point, if you’re a Dany fan, you’re really rooting for her. It follows in the same vein as the previous encounters that we’ve seen with dragons, where she’s clearly fighting someone the audience doesn’t like. She’s taking down Euron and the sell-swords, she’s still the good guy. But then, the perspective shifts, we see what the small folk see and experience when she turns on them after the bells have been rung. She is the dragon, she doesn’t see the difference between a soldier and a civilian, they’re all cannon fodder to her. If she can’t have them through love, she’ll make sure that they’re so terrified of her, no one will ever think of defying her. We see the damage she does with one dragon, I shudder to think what she would have been done with 2.

As far Varys’ end was concerned, we all saw it coming, I just didn’t expect Tyrion to be the one to betray him. Varys saw her tyranny and acted in the interest of the realm and for that, he has my respect.

Tyrion not only betrayed Sansa when he went to Dany, he also condemned Jon. I’ve had a problem with Tyrion since season 7 and this episode just furthered that. He’s been blind and made more errors than anyone can count, he underestimated Cersei, the list goes on. Like Varys, he can see the parts of Dany that are worrisome but unlike him, he chooses to be blind.

If you had any doubts about Pol!Jon, this episode ought to put them at rest. Jon comes to Dragonstone and continues to turn down the throne and refuses to plot against Dany because he’s already involved in a plot except no one knows about it. His problem has been his own arrogance. I know that he thinks he’s playing Dany for the good of the North and his family but she’s not blinded by him any more. His refusal to confide in Sansa and Arya has now come to bite him in the ass. Dany can see that she has been manipulated by him, that when it came to choose, he did not choose her. He’s complicit in the genocide at King’s Landing. As a military man, this is the most dishonourable thing he’s done. Like Tyrion, Jon convinced himself that what he was doing was right and it was the only thing they could do and now he’s well and truly screwed.

I liked that Sandor was able to change Arya’s mind, that she chose to live instead of dying for her vengeance. She’s a child who was forced to grow up too fast but all of that was when she thought that she had lost her family forever. But now she has them back, she has Sansa and Bran (okay, he doesn’t technically count but still) she has her home back, she even has Gendry, should she choose to be with him. She has something to live for now. It was a marked change that while she had gone to KL to kill someone, she ended up trying to save people.

Sandor and Gregor were too closely linked by their hatred for each other for them to have any other conclusion. Sandor had done horrible things but had tried to change and his greatest act wasn’t killing Gregor, it was saving Arya.

Many people were disappointed with Jaime’s decision to ride South to Cersei and, actually, it made sense. The show illustrated to the audience, his capacity to do good but it was underscored by his love for Cersei. He knew she was toxic, but she was also family, he loved her and and she was the mother of his children. He was never going to abandon her. He never regretted his actions, never expressed remorse for them, he went so far as to say that he would do them all again because they were at war.

In the end, Cersei died with her dignity intact and with the audiences sympathising with her in her final moments. The writers humanised her, her terror at her impending death and with no way to stop it. But she didn’t die alone, she was with someone who had loved her through everything and had fought tooth and nail to get to her.

Sansa, sadly, did not appear in this episode but she was referred to so many times that she may as well have been present. Sansa was right all along, all of her fears and concerns were realised in this episode. Dany is a tyrant, Queen of the Ashes. They exchanged one tyrant for a more dangerous one, one with a dragon. It is possible that in the next episode, she goes after Sansa since she’s the only one who’s still defiant and the North still has to be dealt with. She makes the threat crystal clear when she’s executing Varys, “let those who betray her know what will happen to them.”

The promo for next episode only shows us a few seconds from the first few minutes of the show, it would not surprise me if Dany decides to go to Winterfell to deal with Sansa and the North. Alternatively, it is also possible that Dany has her brought to KL (against her will). She already suspected Jon when Tyrion came to her at the beginning of episode 5, it is possible that she took measures to deal with the threat Sansa presented by being proactive and having her brought South without Jon’s knowledge. It would not surprise me if Bronn still has a role to play considering that he was still in the North when Jon and his men left Winterfell to join Dany.

Sansa Stark in the Final Season

I think we can collectively agree that D&D have taken it upon themselves to ruin Game of Thrones. The writing is shoddy, the passage of time makes no sense, pace is all over the place and characters are behaving as if they have split personalities, entire POVs are excluded in favour of some twist that plenty can see coming except the showrunners.

However, one character’s arc continues to fascinate and baffle me in equal measure, Sansa Stark. The show has been pushing 3 potential rulers at us since season 7: Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, the showrunners have placed them as competitors for throne except none of them are actually good at ruling. 

We know that Cersei doesn’t care about anyone save for herself, her children and her family (limited to Jaime) she doesn’t give 2 fucks about the smallfolk, the people of King’s Landing. If she could burn the entire city, she would happily do so.

Daenerys Targaryen is a conqueror not a queen, the show has told us this and also illustrated this very effectively. In the more recent seasons, we’ve seen her start to devolve, her Targaryen side is rising to the surface, her ambition for the throne is blinding her to everything she once fought for. She is autocratic and impulsive, both traits are very worrying. Add to that, now her own advisors are afraid of contradicting her. She’s started believing her own publicity and that is never a good thing.

Jon Snow is a good man, an honourable man
, he’s someone who inspires loyalty in others. He’s come a long way from his days as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, he’s trying to be smarter. Having said that, he still would not make a good king because he, genuinely has no interest in ruling. He’s a military man, he’s a man used to action, that’s who he is. He is the general you want on your side. He doesn’t have patience for diplomacy and politics, both of which are important aspects of ruling.

For all his talk at the end of Season 6 where he said that he and Sansa need to trust each other, I don’t see him extending that trust. He’s refusing to communicate with Sansa and Arya, two incredibly smart women who could help him figure out how to best handle Dany without him having to turn into a zombie. In his defense, he is acting in the interest of the North, but he’s making decisions for the entire North without taking into account what the Northern Lords think about those decisions.

Now we come to Sansa. The show has illustrated that Sansa has come a long way from the naive little girl she used to be. She’s finally got her home back and has power and agency in the North. She has allies who are loyal to her specifically. Of all the characters so far, she is perhaps the only one who has spent the most time actively working to help the smallfolk. She’s the one who’s making sure that they have enough food, that the armour is insulated against cold, advocating that their armies are rested before being sent to fight another battle. She is actively anticipating obstacles are preparing for them.

In the last episode, during the war council scene, the camera and editing position Sansa and Dany as adversaries, as two points of authority. Technically, Dany could have dismissed Sansa’s concerns and announced that their armies would leave immediately but she didn’t. Jon had to step in, both to protect Sansa and also validate Dany’s authority.

The showrunners are constantly showing the audience just how good Sansa is at ruling. Technically, all of the scenes where Sansa is managing the affairs at Winterfell don’t really affect the broader plot. So, if this aspect of Sansa wasn’t important, it would have been easy to leave some of these scenes on the editing room floor, but they chose to keep them in. They made sure that we got scenes where Cersei, Dany and Sansa are shown to be parallels.

The show goes to such great lengths, even now, every time Sansa questions Dany, her questions are relevant, her concerns are valid. So what is the point of all of these scenes in the broader plot? What do these scene mean for where her character is headed?

The way I see it; she is being set-up as a potential queen in her own right. If not then I don’t know what the point of all those scenes was. I know she will not be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. a) because the Iron Throne needs to be destroyed and the seven kingdoms need to be independent and b) there will be a committee that governs the matter of the kingdoms, for instance, the kings and queens of the various kingdoms would meet and discuss trade agreements and so on.

Also, let’s keep in mind, Sansa commands the loyalty of the Northern lords and the Vale, it would be fair to assume that she also commands loyalty from the Riverlands, thanks to Edmure Tully. That’s 3 kingdoms, roughly the same amount of kingdoms that are loyal to Cersie. Dany has Dorne and the Iron Islands. How is Sansa not a contender when she’s clearly been set up as one?

It would be sad if she learnt so much from Cersei and Littlefinger only to be pushed to the sidelines at the end, to become the wife who holds some authority instead of being in a position where she has authority on her own, not dependent on who she’s married to.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Trailer Breakdown

Judging by Cersei’s costume, we can be fairly certain that these 3 screenshots are from the same sequence. Cersei is in King’s Landing, flanked by Euron, Qyburn and Harry Strickland of the Golden Company. I think she’s making a public statement, in the first screenshot, people are coming out into the streets, I’m guessing they heard that the WW have been defeated (if they were aware of the threat at all) Cersei will probably address them and warm them about Dany coming to KL to take the Iron Throne and burn them all in the process with her dragons.

I think these are connected as well. We’ve actually seen the first 2 shots in the trailers as well. Sansa looks concerned, she knows that now that the NK has been beaten, Dany will go full steam ahead to claim the Iron Throne. Her soldiers are still in Winterfell (or what’s left of it) and Sansa knows that it essentially means that Winterfell is once again occupied by a foreign force. In the 2nd image, I can’t tell if anyone is riding those dragons.

I feel like the scene above and the Sansa shots before that could possibly be connected. Jon, Davos and Tormund appear to be going somewhere with Gilly standing behind them. In this shot, I can’t see if Sam is with them. I know a lot of people expected Jon and Dany to ride Rhegal and Drogon respectively when they go to King’s Landing but that may not happen. For one, Dany no longer trusts Jon and second, it’s reminiscent of when Dany and Jon rode into Winterfell. If they’re taking the ships to KL again, it may make sense to ride to White Harbour and join the rest of the forces. Having said that, I still don’t know why Jon, Davos and Tormund didn’t ride out with the forces if that is the case, why are they riding alone?

The episode will probably begin with this sequence, with the dead being burned, saying a final farewell to those we lost in the battle against the WW. We have Dany, Greyworm, Sam, Jon, Sansa, Arya and Tormund all wielding torches to set the pyres on fire. You can also see Ghost in the first image, just chilling…

This is where Dany says, “We have won the Great War, now we will win the last war.” It’s clear that she’s in the Great Hall at Winterfell and I think she’s addressing her forces. Noticeably absent is Tyrion, since he’s her hand, he should be standing in Varys’ position. Could it mean that his position as Dany’s hand is still precarious? Did Missandei tell Dany that Tyrion seemed quite fond of Sansa in the crypts? Or is it something else completely?

I think this will happen soon after the burning of the dead, a celebration of life. In the 2nd image, you can see Alys Carstark and Yohn Royce among others, raising their glasses to Dany’s toast. You can also see Tormund and Arya near the bottom of the frame and I think I can also spot Brienne but I could be wrong. Noticeably absent in this celebration is Sansa, the Lady of Winterfell, Jon Snow, Davis Seaworth, Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen and Jaime Lannister. The absence of these characters is rather telling.

Could it be that we’ll finally get a scene with Sansa and Jon speaking after his parentage reveal? He needs to tell her the truth, the fact that Davos is missing makes me think that he’ll be present for at least some of the conversation between Jon and Sansa, a secret wedding perhaps???? (I need some Jonsa content desperately)

Maybe Dany becomes suspicious about why all of these people are missing, hence her expression, she looks worried and angry. Or perhaps, Dany thought that the Northern Lords would now be willing to recognise her authority and her claim as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms except that they don’t, they still want their independence (We know no king but the king in the North whose name is Stark and I think we all know which Stark it will be this time)

Dany looks happiest when she’s with her dragons, that’s clearly Drogon behind her and since she is looking at something in the sky, I think that it’s Rheagal coming back to her. I don’t think Jon is riding Rheagal, she stopped smiling at him after the parentage reveal. Important to note, Dany’s costumes are going to reds and greys/black, a clear reference to her House colours, she’s no longer trying to blend in, she doesn’t need to anymore. The WW have been defeated, she doesn’t trust Jon anymore and she doesn’t care about the North and their people beyond the fact that they’re her subjects now

This shot clearly parallels the end of Season 6 with Dany and her allies sailing to Dragonstone. The Targ colours are out in all their glory on the sails and I can’t actually see any other House sigils, something that we saw in the season 6 scene.

It’s telling that at no point in the trailer do we see Tyrion or Jaime, and where the hell is Bronn, wasn’t he heading to Winterfell? Also, what about Jaime’s loyalties now, are they split once again, between his house and Dany? I don’t think he’ll serve Dany, if he does stay back in the North, it will be to serve Sansa and be with Brienne. The only person whose motives I can’t pinpoint is Tyrion and that worries me…

Thoughts, agree/disagree?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 – The Long Night

Let me start by saying that the lighting on the show really sucks. In an episode that takes place at night, in the open, it was nearly impossible to see what was happening on screen. Even with the brightness turned up to full, it wasn’t very effective.

Now, onto the episode. To be honest, I’ve never been invested in the Night King and White Walker plot. For one, they’re a boring antagonist and second, it’s a plot point that was stretched way too far. Having said that, D&D subverted a lot of hopes and that, at least, made for an interesting watch.

After watching seven seasons of Game of Thrones, we know that when the audience knows the plan, it’s going to fall apart with a fair amount of certainty and The Long Night was no exception. Jon’s carefully crafted plan began to fall apart nearly from the beginning. For a military commander, he’s not having a very good time.

The Dothraki, even armed with their arakhs on fire, had no idea what they were facing. I actually support Dany jumping into battle and not waiting for the Night King to show up. The Dothraki are her people, they swore loyalty to her and if she were to wait for Jon’s signal, more of her men would have died. If she hadn’t jumped in when she did, the death toll would have been even higher.

The battle was unadulterated chaos and I was actually relieved once we moved inside the walls of Winterfell. We’ve known for a while that Winterfell will be destroyed and that came to pass in this episode.

Sansa, Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and Gilly are all seeking shelter in the crypts. The number of times characters mentioned the crypts being the safest place in Winterfell was a huge red herring, considering that the Night King raises the dead and the crypt is full of old dead Starks. It should have come as no surprise when they rose up as White Walkers. But I did like the interaction between Sansa and Tyrion. The last time they spoke, it ended with a little bit of hostility but this time it felt like closure, for both of them. Still not sure if I trust Tyrion but I’m willing to let it go for this episode. I loved that both Sansa and Tyrion stood up to defend the remaining people from the WW armed only with Dragonglass daggers, even more commendable for Sansa, considering that she’s never wielded a weapon in her life.

As much as I like Missandei, I do wish she hadn’t butted into a private conversation that she wasn’t involved in. I get it, to an extent, she thought that they would be welcomed by the North with open arms only to meet hostility and distrust and that rankles. I’m also guessing that she’s not too fond of Sansa, someone who openly defies Dany but still.

Theon’s end in the episode was well earned. His story had come full circle, he came back to defend the family that he had betrayed, even at the very end, when he knew that he’s about to die, he chose to charge the NK instead of waiting for him to make his move. It was a good death, an honourable one.

Arya killing the NK was not as big a surprise as it should have been, especially since they chose to spoon feed the audience, as soon as Mel said blue eyes, I had a feeling that she was headed to kill the NK.

I loved that while everyone expected either Dany, Jon or Bran to kill the NK, it was actually Arya who was the one to do it. She saved Bran using the very dagger that was meant to have killed him. So much for prophecies and the prince that was promised.

Jorah running into battle to protect Dany and dying in the process was also a worthy end for him. He died protecting the woman he loved and I don’t think he would have wanted it any other way. It was heartbreaking from Dany’s pov because she lost someone who had been with her since the beginning, someone she genuinely and deeply cared about.

Watching Jaime and Brienne fight side by side and constantly protecting each other was satisfying. I’m glad that Gendry, Pod, Tormund, Missandei and Greyworm all made it out alive.

By far, the most useless character in this episode was Jon. His plan failed immediately but I’ll let that slide for the time being. He did nothing of consequence. His sole mission was to protect Bran and he couldn’t even get to him. I’m not saying that I hate the guy, I’m just saying that perhaps he should recognise the fact that he can’t do everything himself, he needs to lean on people who care about him, namely Arya, Sansa and Sam. He has a pack, he doesn’t need to be the lone wolf any more.

Honourable Mentions: Lyanna Mormont, Dolores Edd, Beric Dondarrion, Melissandre, feel free to add more…