Bombay and the Rains

well, this is my first blog ever, so here goes..

The rains are finally here and if they bring anything with them apart from the slightly pleasant weather, it is that realisation that the city’s infrastructure is crumbling before our very eyes.

One need not look far and wide to get an idea of what i am saying, just look at the roads and the brilliantly efficient train service. The roads, well what can i say. just look at the humongous potholes. They are more like craters, if you actually fall into one of these, you might need a crane to pull you out. pretty soon the only cars that will be able to navigate these roads will be SUVs, anything smaller will just get swallowed, never to be seen again. In comes the BMC to our rescue, but alas, the only patches of road they are interested in fixing are the ones frequenlty used by the fat cats in the bureaucracy. and i mean fat cats literally, can you imagine these delicate darlings having to travel over the crater-ridden roads, think of the damage it might do to their backs.. Our bureaucrats have made an art out of corruption, how else do you explain the dismal condition of the infrastructure of the city that pays the highest amount of tax? It rains for barely 2 minutes and the traffic comes to a standstill because some road or the other is flooded and the water isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The trains, well they’re a whole different story (kind of) having travelled by them for over 6 years, its an experience like non other. Imagine peak rush hour, the train is packed with people(in my case women) and more will enter from the stations yet to come, some have opened their long and often not so lustrous (wet) hair, they also feel the need to sometimes comb it (how they manage to do it in that confined space is a mystery to me) now in all this imagine, it starts raining. the little bit of fresh air that managed to get in inspite of all those packed bodies, soon disappears because the doors and windows are all closed faster than you can say…. well it doesn’t matter what you say, its just one of faster than the speed of light moves. there’s also the not-to-be-missed musty smell, one of the highlights. The best part hasn’t even come yet, that’s when the train stops and you take an hour to reach when you should have taken half that long.  The tracks get flooded in no time and again it takes ages for that water to flow off the tracks.

What will it take for those apathetic bureaucrats to be moved to act, i do not say take notice because it is impossible to live in this city and not be aware, and if they are indeed unaware, well then they have no business being on the tax payers pay roll. i dont think i do them great disservice by calling them a bunch of parasites sucking this city and its people dry.